Sonos connect and receivers volume setting


I just ordered my Neeo combo, and i'm already starting to think.

I might run into an issue, i have a sonos connect on my Pioneer receiver VSX921.

I would like to use the Sonos volume control instead of the receivers volume control.

But that means that the volume of the receiver has to be set to a particular (high) volume when i start the Sonos receipe.

And that the the volume of the receiver has to be set to a another (lower) volume when i start the another receipe like watch TV. and this can't fail or i could blow my speakers.


Is this possible? How do (did) you solve this problem?


Thank you

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  • It is no problem to change recipes so that they use the Sonos Volume instead of the AVR volume, so that is covered.

    We currently control the volume of AVRs mainly over IR. With IR no specific volume can be set directly (in general) since there are only volume commands available for up and down. There simply is no command like "set volume to 10 percent". I see different approaches to work around that:

    1. Check out if there already is an IP based driver for that device in our community. With most of the APIs I know so far, setting a specific volume over IP is possible.

    2. If there is no SDK based driver yet, you could try to build one on your own based on an existing example for AVRs.

    3. Adding loads of volume commands to your recipes. So when a recipe would start, it would send 20 times "volume down" to make sure the volume is on zero, from there on send a number of "volume up" commands till the receiver is on the desired volume. If tuned in well, this could be a stable solution, but this sure needs some testing and tuning.

    4. Changing your setup so that the volume of the AVR is always the same. Why is that that you have to change the volume on the AVR so drastically? Is that cause of the devices delivering audio on such different level to Sonos? But I think I'd need to understand your setup a bit better: So when you are listening to TV Audio, is that going over the AVR to the Sonos, or is that played back by the AVR? If you are using Sonos, why does the volume of the AVR matter?

  • Wel here is more info, and i think almost every user of sonos connect will have this issue.

    When you connect a sonos connect on a AVR, you need to put the volume at almost 3/4 of the max for the sonos input, this way you can use the sonos app to controle the volume and the full sonos. and you don't touch/change the volume of the AVR

    but when you watch TV or bluray you only use the volume of the receiver with is a lot lower than 3/4 in most cases.

    That's why by default the sonos volume as to be that high.

    Here is where IP control or RS232 is so powerfull, you can sent a defined volume command.

    I can not change the setup, but you could make a driver for pioneer as this is a common receiver brand.

    • JP Colin How did you do this without NEEO?  It seems you should have the Sonos volume set to fixed and use the receivers volume control.  You should be able to control Sonos playback and the receiver volume from the remote and not have to use the app.

  • in my usecase i don't need that. i can level the Res Volume with NEEO..

  • Wel without NEEO, i use a vera box to turn on the amp and set a specific volume when i hiet play on the sonos app. 1 hour after pressing stop on the sonos it sets the volume back and turns off the amp. but i would like to get rid of the vera since it is only used for that.

    if i set the sonos to fixed volume i can not use the offical sonos app anymore to adjust the volume. And that is not what i want.


    I was thinking in the car, and would it be possible to turn both volumes up? I mean when the sonos goes up +1, the AVR volumes goes also +1. can i combine those with NEEO?