Enigma2 SDK Driver

As some Users requested some Information about the implementation of Enigma2 Boxes (e.g. VU+ , Dreambox , or else ) here you find the Implementation provided by me:


To use this Driver it is required to Change the Local IP according to the github page. Also you need to enable the WebIf on your Box.

Current Implementation is fully functional with all available Commands Supported by the NEEO SDK. In Future Updates, i will also provide more possibilitys if the SDK gets enhanced. If you have Questions or Trouble with the Driver just reply in this Topic. If you want to make sure, that i get it in attention, just mention me with an @ and i will respon as soon as possible.

If you want to stay Updated about new Implementations or Bugfixes, just hit the Following Button!

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  • Now i have some more practical knowledge with your Driver. As we already know, there is an open issue (https://github.com/NEEOInc/neeo-sdk/issues/4) when rebooting the brain. But in my tests, I also had to replace the Enigma Device config on the brain. A restart of the Driver itself were not sufficient. For now, this makes (and maybe any 3rd party) Driver not really usable. Let's hope that there will be a NEEO Update soon.

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  • Thank you again for the driver.

    I found some issues with the mapping of some functions and also some are missing.

    I'm using a VU+ Duo2:


    There are many different remotes for enigma2 receivers, which modell have you used?


    Shouldn't be a big thing to adjust the mapping by myself.

    Are there any limitations from the neeo sdk or why didn't you include all functions?

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    • Nicolas Maier I missed the rest of the buttons. I will go and add them next week, also will recode some parts to make sure the driver checks the link to the brain. Thanks for the hint, never used one of these features at my box, so not missing the buttons!

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  • Markus Mahr

    I've managed to adjust some wrong keymappings myself.

    I found that some of the missing keys (e.g. Record) are already implemented in the driver but don't appear on the Remote.

    And I tried to add some additional keys (TV and RADIO for testing) but I can't find them after driver restart. Do I have to readd the Device in Neeo for an update?

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    • Nicolas Maier Yes, found that the Record Button is missing yesterday by myself. It was once working, therefor i need to further Investigate it (will do it next week, there is a bit of freetime for me!)

      Yes, iv you add or delete features you need to Delete and readd the device inside the NEEO Brain, this is allready a known issue with the SDK and also adressed to NEEO!

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    • Nicolas Maier i've missed to ask, witch of the buttons are wrongly mapped? Are these in general other functions or was i wrong during the coding? would be interessting to know. Maybe i need to implement a check of the device and provide two sets of keymaps inside the driver!

      would be nice, if you provide a short list or something similar what was wrong.

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    • Markus Mahr 

      e.g Play is ID 399 in the driver but is ID 207 for my box.

      Pause 400 | 119

      Stop 377 | 128

      Reverse 398 | 168

      Forward 401 | 208

      Record 393 | 167

      Channel Up 106 | 402

      Channel Down 105 | 403


      Not sure if thats all, you can find all IDs for VU+ on github (and for many other boxes aswell):


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    • Nicolas Maier Interessting, i will try out the commands and see what is happening at the Dreambox. I missed some of the commands because i was only using this: https://dream.reichholf.net/wiki/Enigma2:WebInterface#RemoteControl

      as reference for buildung the first driver. I will find some time to do it next week, so i will keep you updated as well!

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    • Markus Mahr 

      You can also find the IDs for Dreambox (dmm) there:


      Dreambox Remotes doesn't have physical buttons for Play, Pause, Stop etc. (it works with "long-press" on other buttons) 

      I think these IDs wont work for Dreambox (see link above).

      I'm not sure if "long-press" can be achieved in OpenWebif.

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    • Nicolas Maier I also don't know, but if the Webif is the same (as it should be because it uses the same codebase) then the id's can work. But i will recheck this and will use / implement all available possibilities. Maybe i will go with an autodetect of the box if codes doesn't work on all Boxed, but this for sure will need some time writing the code!

      Thanks for the list°!

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    • Markus Mahr 

      I've done a bit more research on this and found the full list of all available commands for enigma2:


      You can check which of them are implemented for your box in:


      All these functions should also work with OpenWebIf (to be tested).

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    • Nicolas Maier Yesterday i was able to test the commands. All are working in the Dreambox case (since dreambox also support a Keyboard) so i will go on and Implement all Keys into the Driver, this will fore sure take a moment to be coded as well as rewrite the Driver to be able to support Auto reboot detection of the Brain and other nice Stuff.

      Will keep update this Topic as soon as i go to publish the new Version. Then also all Supported Boxes will working since all KEY ID's are the same! Only the Naming and the Functions are Independent. But this should not be a Problem, since the normal calls are all the same!

      Thanks for getting my attention to this!

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  • Joerg Mattiello Nicolas Maier Gilles van den Hoven Andreas Maier Jochen Reiss

    I have just Updated the Enigma2 SDK Driver at Github. It now includes a Check if the Brain is On or Off and iff Off, it checks when the Brain comes back up and restart the Register of the Driver.

    Also i Implemented all required Buttons (at least as Shortcuts) from all openWegif Supported Boxes.

    You can visit the Linked Google Spreadsheet for Coded Buttons and Boxes witch are Supported.


    I suggest you to Update to the last Version. If you see any Faults, let me know about it!

    Nicolas Maier You still need to edit the Codes for the Remote if you like to change the Function. As is still coded the Driver for use with Dreambox (requires short other functions!)

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  • Thank you for the great driver.


    If I install tru NPM I get version 0.3.


    If I install tru github I get the newest version only trouble with the sleep dependency.

    Cannot install it?

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    • Niels Feenstra Can you try to install sleep via Terminal into the Enigma Folder?

      I'm not at home the next 20 Days, but hopefully find some time to look into it, the next days! Will Update npm later the day, currently no access to my main Computer.

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  • I'm getting a "configure error"  when I install sleep in the enigma2 folder.

    gyp ERR! configure error 

    gyp ERR! stack Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir '/home/nelus/node_modules/neeo-driver-enigma2/node_modules/sleep/build'

    gyp ERR! System Linux 4.13.0-32-generic

    gyp ERR! command "/usr/bin/node" "/usr/lib/node_modules/npm/node_modules/node-gyp/bin/node-gyp.js" "rebuild"

    gyp ERR! cwd /home/nelus/node_modules/neeo-driver-enigma2/node_modules/sleep

    gyp ERR! node -v v9.5.0

    gyp ERR! node-gyp -v v3.6.2

    gyp ERR! not ok 

    npm ERR! code ELIFECYCLE

    npm ERR! errno 1

    npm ERR! sleep@5.1.1 install: `node-gyp rebuild`

    npm ERR! Exit status 1

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    • Niels Feenstra Can you delete the whole Enigma2 Folder and check again with npm install? i've just updated the npm repo with the current release. Due to i'm not at home actually it is a small lack in my response. Sorry for that. If it still is not working, just make a replay and make sure that you mention (type @ followed by my name) me so i get an mail that you have replied, so i will not oversee your reply!

      Sorry for the trouble, and i hope it works now!

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    • Markus Mahr No problem, thank you for you quick reply.

      I'm still getting the same configuration error. Because i'm running the driver on a seperate virtual machine I can do a clean install.

      Can you give me a quick howto install the driver on clean ubuntu machine? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.


      Thanks again!

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    • Niels Feenstra did you install node.js and npm first? these both ae required and then you need to install the sdk driver. Make sure that you put the IP of the Brain fixed into the code, i know there are troubles with discovery via bonjour when running on virtual machines

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    • Markus Mahr Yes!

      npm version 5.6.0

      node version 8.9.4

      After the installation of nodejs and npm;

      #sudo npm install neeo-sdk

      What is the best way to go after these steps?

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    • Niels Feenstra best to do is install the enigma2 driver the same way

      Browse to the node folder via terminal and type:

      Sudo npm install neeo-driver-enigma2

      This should install all necessary files. 

      Didn't had problems before, if there are still some errors, can you make a Screenshot and add it here?

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    • Markus Mahr It is working now! Thank you for your help.

      I think the problem was the nodejs version.

      Did a clean install, node version 6.11.4

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  • I've recoded the Enigma2 Driver to be used with the current (Version 0.50.0 and up) NEEO SDK CLI. If you have issues, just let me kno about it here or over at Github.

    If i find the time, i will do more of the the coding to support the new SDK Features.



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  • I tried the driver, it works with NEEO but I have the problem that in Alexa now a device is shown as DM8000 (WeMo Switch). I don't want that the device shows up in Alexa this way because I control the complete Dreambox with Alexa and I don't want a device with the same name in Alexa. How can I disable the WeMO Switch? Why is there a WeMo simulation enabled?

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    • Fonzo This is not part of my Driver. Every Device added to NEEO will be available to Alexa as WeMo Switch. This currently can't be disabled other then disabling the Recipe. If you like to have it renamed at Alexa You need to change the name of the Recipe / Device during Setup.

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      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
      • 5 mths ago
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      Markus Mahr thanks for the response. Is there a special reason why the SDK add all recepices to Alexa as Wemo switch? This makes imho no sense. So perhaps this is one of the thinks that should be corrected in a next version of the sdk, at least give the user or developer a possibility to disable this.

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    • Fonzo This is not related to the SDK. This is done with all active Recipes. They are all distributed as WeMo Switch towards Alexa (that is the Proof of concept, that Alexa Integration is possible and basic ON/OFF switching of all Recipes created with NEEO is possible)

      If you see this as a Fault, it is required to change the NEEO Firmware. As far as i currently know, there is an open case about ALexa Integration by neeo and how it is handled.

      If you don't like to have this Recipe distributed to Alexa, you can kick it of via the Alexa App or website. But with every discovery you need to do this again!

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      • Fonzo
      • Fonzo
      • 5 mths ago
      • Reported - view

      Markus Mahr 

      Exactly that is the problem I don’t want the recipe discovered at all. Because every time a search for new devices a have to delete all the wemo devices manually. I hope this will be fixed soon.

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  • Is it possible to change port 6336?

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