Are HTTP Requests possible with neeo?

Is it possible to send HTTP requests (JSON) and process the response by neeo? If you are familiar with Fibaro HC2, it’s basically a possibility offered in virtual devices (they run ON the HC2, not an external device) or in scenes.

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  • You can Check the following topic and the linked ones:

    Therein the Topics are related to the API and the SDK and also other Parts.

  • New: Fibaro HomeCenter Scenes driver for NEEO Remote now available on GitHub and NPM.

    Ability to load only scenes declared as visible in the Home Center (HCLite / HC2). All scenes can be used in all recipes or added as Shortcut in device.

    Supports multiple controllers simultaneously. The application adds the data to a local cache to ensure proper operation even when restarting the brain or NodeJs server.

    GitHub: Fibaro HomeCenter Scenes driver for NEEO Remote



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    • Jean-christophe Vermandé I'm getting this error when trying to connect.  Seems like it's loading my Fibaro devices just fine but can't connect to brain?  IP and PORT seem OK. 


       Error: connect ETIMEDOUT at Object._errnoException (util.js:1024:11) at _exceptionWithHostPort (util.js:1046:20) at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1182:14)

    • Frederik Vancoillie , is your brain ip or your Fibaro controller IP ? Are you in the same Network ?

    • Jean-christophe Vermandé Doh, my fault, I left the second Fibaro HC in there...  Sorry. :p

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    • Frederik Vancoillie , The device driver has the type "Accessory" and not create recipes or visible device on UI.

      First, could you check if you see the accessory in the device list ? If so then, could you try the following steps:

      Add a shortcut:

      1.  Return on the welcome screen on the remote
      2. Select the recipe you want (I used that of my philips HUE but you can use whatever you want)
      3. Edit shorcuts
      4. Click Add a Shortcut option available at the bottom of the page
      5. Select the Accessory et select the scenes you want to add
      6. Save with DONE button
      7. Now you can lunch selected scenes from shortcut page.

      You can do the same things in recipes:

      1. Select the recipes you want
      2. Edit the recipe
      3. Click Add step option available at the bottom of the page
      4. Select "Send command to device", NEXT
      5. Select the Accessory et select the scenes you want to add
      6. Save with DONE button
      7. When you'll launch your recipe the command will be triggered at the right time

      I hope I'm clear, do not hesitate to ask me if needed 🙂

      Best regards,

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    • Jean-christophe Vermandé I got it working.  It took a restart of the HC2 and Brain.  Now everything is working great!  Great info to change an already made recipe, that way you get the bulb icon instead of just a circle!!  I got a few other drivers already running and was using HTTP requests to access scenes but your driver is so much cleaner!!

    • Frederik Vancoillie I'm glad you like it 🙂

      The driver should evolve quickly with future additions in the SDK. I work on a generic driver to play and integrate many peripherals, it should be complementary.

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    • Jean-christophe Vermandé cool!

    • Jean-christophe Vermandé Given your track record with Fibaro VD's, plugins and all around knowledge I think it will be extraordinary!!

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      • Aerni Mario
      • Software Engineer
      • Aerni_Mario
      • 4 yrs ago
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      Jean-christophe Vermandé Nice job, thanks a lot :)

      • Igoris
      • Igoris
      • 3 yrs ago
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      Jean-christophe Vermandé Hi, I am getting this error while starting: missing script: server:fibaro-scenes. It seems that I did everything according and :( Any hints appreciated.But I am not using Rapsberry Pi, I am using mac mini and installed npm via homebrew.

    • hi

      great work on this. i got the scenes adapter added and now i have added more scenes but the brain still shows the old scenes ie it hasnt updated with the new scenes and the single amended scene. what have i done wrong?


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