LIRC SDK driver

Since I wanted to control IR devices in other rooms with a single brain and two remotes I started working on a LIRC gateway driver:

The driver communicates with the LIRC daemon over network and doesn't depend on a local LIRC installation where the driver is running. The retrieved keys from lircd are dynamically added to the NEEO device. An optional LIRC key to NEEO button mapping allows for proper control capabilities (power, volume, favorites, numpad, controlpad, ...).

Of course I could just have gotten some wireless IR extenders, but where's the fun in that? And it's another justification of getting more Raspberry Pi Zero W 😉 

At the moment it's just a proof of concept but already working pretty good. If the code looks hackish it's due to my successful avoidance of JavaScript in my IT career 😀
A proper rewrite with more configuration options, better error handling and more functionality will be done at the end of year when my workload is back to normal. 

Give it a try and let me know what functionality is missing. The docs are rather short at the moment, therefore an understanding of LIRC is recommended. Nevertheless I'll try to help in this topic.

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