Turn all off recipe not working

Hello Neeo team,

I created a Turn all off recipe which in my setup sends only 2 commands (turn off TV and turn off Receiver). But it never sends the commands after pressing it on the remote's screen. What am I doing wrong please?

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  • Peter Veres Can you share a screen shot showing your recipe steps? Thanks

  • Did you turn on the devices before WITH NEEO? I found out that NEEO pnly sends zhe "power off" commands when it thinks that the devices are on, not if you turned on them with another remote...

    See my post


    (no anwser yet)

  • Raphael  here is the screenshot, it a super simple recipe

  • Hi

    know the "Neeo", that the equipment is switched on? with which command you turn the devices on? with "Power toogle" or "Power on"? If "Power Toogle", the "Neeo" don't know what condition the device has. that is why it does not work-I suspect.


    No "Power on" or "Power Off" work with my equipment. I can turn my device off with the command "Power Toogle". 

    I can't say why, "Power on" and "Power Off" will not work. the commands are suggested for my device, but they don't work.

    replace "Power off" with "Power Toogle". does it work then?

  • hello. i think u dont have to make a receipe for it.

    It would be nice, that Neeo turn off all devices when u press the Power button on the remote.

    If there is Sonos Running and TV it should turn of both receipes.

    At the moment there is happen nothing.

    I have to check also if i use power toggle. I will test it and if i use power toggel i will change to power on for starting. If it works then wenn i power off then it would be fine. but i guess this will not work.

    when im watching TV with AVR is also turned on. Then i switch to sonos which uses no TV but the AVR.

    Then it would be nice that the TV will power off and AVR will still running and if needed changing Channel.

    Cheers Alex

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