Bug - Home button erratically becomes unresponsive in Light recipe (Hue)

Hi, when I'm in the light recipe and want to go back to the home screen the home button sometimes doesn't do anything. Waiting does not help but when I swipe to the next screen with another set of lights the home button works again immediately. It only seems to happen after having used one of the sliders or toggles. All touchscreen controls still work when the home button doesn't.

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  • Hi Felix!

    Interesting find! Can you provide me with the make and model of the lights you added? I want to try and replicate this myself :).

    Have you tried to delete the lights and re-add them?


    Jeff Z

  • Sometimes, i have the same problems with completely different recipes (TV with DVB provider for example). In those situations, no physical button is working. It happened 2-3 times this week. I need to use touchscreen to leave the current screen and launch again the recipe. So, i'm not sure it is related to a particular recipe. It just doesn't load the controls for the physical buttons.

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