Amazon FireTV Support?

When launching  FireTV recipe the first time I found all that NEEO does is to switch on my TV (wrong HDMI input despite definitely picking the correct one during setup, btw) and then tells me:

"You can now can use your FireTV Controller"

Seriously??? Grab another remote??? Wasn't that the whole idea not to?

I understand that NEEO does not control Bluetooth and ZigBee devices directly - wait, no, actually I don't, not at all tbh - since this was a crucial advertised feature, as was that "The brain commands all your smart devices and gadgets" The FTV surely is no exotic device.

Anyway, the current reasoning is native support not being the big deal anyway and controlling devices over IP using the manufacturers API was much superior and faster to implement.

Now, FTV actually HAS an API (as has Hue) and luckily the command set is very (!) basic. So, I honestly hope the driver team to implement this ASAP.

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  • The Support for the FireTV will coem over Bluetooth. This is one of the most requests since the NEEO is available beside the PlayStations. If you have taken the time and search for FireTV you were able to find lot of other entrys...

    And no, the FireTV did not have an official APi that can be used over TCP/IP, it is just the Android ADB that do this. This is not an API in the way as other Devices do. You need to run an ADB Server to be able to talk to a fireTV device. And believe me, i was taking a lot of effort in searching for a good way to do it, but not found anything. Therefor wait until a new Firmware is coming and you will see, that the FireTV will come.

    • Markus Mahr there must be an API (since the new remotes do not support Bluetooth but WiFi only) also there are generic and 3rd party implementations for iOS and Windws Phone (R.I.P.).

      But anyway, let's keep our fingers crossed for a soon [TM] implementation of Bluetooth and AFTV then.

    • Klaus Grosser If there is an API, it is kept secret by Amazon. Nothing to find so far. And the only device using WiFi for the remote was one special from Amazon. The newest Linup is using Bluetooth again...

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      Klaus Grosser I think  Markus Mahr has already updated you on the current state for FireTV. I can confirm that we are working on it, this is not far away.

      What I am wondering though is about the wrong input being selected on your TV. Did you already post that in a separate thread? Is this a general issue or only in combination with the FireTV Recipe? 

    • Patrick I have understood so. I just started working on recipes with the corrected IR code for my Samsung Blu-Ray/tuner and slowly take it from there I will surely get back if I have gathered more insight.

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  • Wait so what can the Neeo actually do with FireTV? As far as I can see it's useless for FireTV, am I missing something here?

    If I can't do anything with Neeo for FireTV, then please:

    1. Remove it from the list of supported devices on the home page.
    2. Remove it from the device.

    Currently it's just confusing and I was sure I've done some part of the setup incorrectly...

    • Rok Carl Removing from the device list is not possible. I would miss it until know.

      Currently the Limitation is, that you can add the device and get a recipe to launch everything, but your are right, currently no control of FireTV is possible. But if you remove the device from the Databse, you don't be able to let Neeo switch on your tv, your avr and set all to the right input. Therefor the device is in the database and it is therefor also called "dummy device". This is the same for the Nintende N64, nontende snes and other game consoles, you never be able to control them with neeo, but neeo is able to set everything to the corrent input and then you can start to play!

      Also the implementation of the FireTV will come with a future software update (as is was two days ago with the PS4). Sometimes good things need some time.

    • Markus Mahr yeah some time...but this is quite some time now, actually.

      I am completely with Rok Carl on this one. I think one could call it a "stupid device" (to stick with the terminology so respectfully introduced by NEEO) that lists a device and do nothing than to switch on and change the input on ANOTHER device when selecting it. Rather, it should be possible to create a user recipe "Watch Fire TV" which simply turns on the TV and selects the right input.

      I may even be willing to follow NEEO s arguments with their restrictive handling not to allow IR learning, stupid devices name calling, having to add dummy tv's for listening to music, and all that, if it was actually working as advertised. If, and that's the point here. Because it doesn't add currently the only stupid device (as in stupid enough to drive me mad) in my arsenal from MY (and that is excessively subjective, although other posts here show I may be not completely alone) perception is NEEO. Neither can it come close let alone supercede to what my harmony now has successfully been doing (albeit being educated the approach CANNOT work) for years even before the campaign started, without scenes rooms add groups it currently also fails as any home automation for me and anyone without degree in node JS or the wish to do in depth coding in his spare time (As far I remember, the API was an optional stretch goal, not prerequisite for use) and even then, the lack of support of scenes add groups in Hue remains, as do rooms in Sonos.  Both systems advertised as being supported when the campaign started and ready to go a couple months later. Until NEEO reaches a more mature state that is ready  for the average user to rethink their rigid and to me snooty sounding attitude towards requests to what I think fundamental functionality for a consumer aimed device. It seems they are just pushing and defending so hard to do EVERYTHING just different than harmony. But, honestly they would give nothing away giving a bit on and up on e.g.. this stupid stupid device thing, just LET the user add a power on connect on their own wish, give access to local controls of devices active in one recipe (which btw would enable to manually address erratic power or input settings on "stupid devices"), allow to add a switch to eg "and/pause recipe xyz when starting another one etc. And most (including me) would be happy and patient to see the firmware grow and evolve. But now one's nose is fiercely put into the shortcomings of the device whenever trying to use it. Add this is not what I expect from a smart device that was announced to make my life easier and so me happier.

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    • Klaus Grosser You request to create an Recipe by hand, that is possible with a "dummy Device via the Automatic way. Makes no sense for me, but OK.

      They allready working on the Stupid device part as suggested by CEO Raphael on the Stupid device Topic, also in many other Topics, this shows, that they actually hear the Feedback of the Users. Did you ever try to get a Feedback from Logitech for the Harmony?

      As i also write a many of times, the Team behind NEEO is actualls less then 50 people big (you can read each of their names (starting group) at the back of your NEEO Brain) and a few came into the company after launch of the product. Also the Firmware is not yet at state 1.XX it is at state 0.XX witch means in the terminology of programming, that not all wanted features are included actually. This means, they still work on it! As far as i see, there are coming good Firmware Updates (two since launch in the US) and bring Bugfixes and new Controling ways and even new possibilitys.

      Yes they also getting some hitbacks by removing the NEST Support or the Colour changing for HUE, also some other features are missing, but they also reply why this is the State. All Features were removed, because they causing issues with the current implementation, and that, of course, can ever happen when you develop a new Software from scratch.

      Yes, they also delayed the Hardware 2 yearst (some delay due to trouble with Manufacturing, some due to hardware issues at testing) but, a delay in production means, you also have no units to test your Software at, but these are required to get some real feedback, a simulation is never as good as a Hardware is.

      These are only my thoughts about the Product, the Hardware is a very good high level product, the software needs time to evolve and i will give the Team behind NEEO this Time and someday (all of you that wait patiently) we will see a good Hardware and also a nicly Software witch is capable of many scenarios not every Smarthome Controler / Smart Remote is possible to do.

      Also keep in mind, that NEEO is not only a smart remote, it is a smart home controller and for me, overall there are very good possibilitys actually makable! Don't know why you see the limitation for users possible knowing nodeJS. Also the mentioned API is not the nodeJS part! The API can be triggered via calls over http-request with very low knowledge about coding. The nodeJS SDK is there to be able to provide access and abilitys to implement own hardware for everyone and also for other companys that are willed to do that. and API and SDK are totally different parts, but i love, that both are available with the launch of the product itself, so everybody who whant can make / mess someting with it.

    • Markus Mahr I totally embrace your empathy for NEEO and the last I would ever want to do is anything diminishing your or anyone's enthusiasm. I hope you can do accept the other opinions as well.
      Even you prove my point by agreeing the software is far from being even first iteration of a public release. The software could have been development independently from the hardware and affiliated hiccups. To see so many announced features implored to be either there or ready soon more than 2 years ago is - to me - somewhat disappointing.

      I also agree and welcome that the team is helpful and quick in reaction.
      But what else would be the option, really? This effort is just necessary and all I do is hope that they have the breath to see the pile of work through. But I wonder how long it may take when currently a good amount of resources is assigned just to implement new or fix broken devices and such a workaround to - truth be told - to compensate for another advertised feature that could not implemented in time - IR learning.

      It took many voices here to make them move from pushing to educate us that, albeit formerly propagated, this feature was no good anyway and discarded until further notice. Similar with the stupid device handling. I honestly don't think a policy of educating customers being wrong in their expectation argumenting their approach to handle things was way better when they actually weren't handled properly is the best approach to support and service - being involved in support myself at least it wouldn't be the way I would deal with it.

      Anyway, now we are told IR learning should be coming at some point and the stupid devices handing being rethought - I  appreciate that.

      Did I ever try to get in touch with Harmony support? Yes once, when they broke the accunt eve they fixed it in no time. But never since - because there simply was no need to - it perfectly does its job as a universal remote as expected. To a level I - currently - have little incentive to put it away in favor of NEEO. And I can only ask you to believe how dearly I would love to do so.

      But, until the team has thought of a better way to handle stupidity I honestly must say my incentive is low.

      Then, yes, neo is also and above all a start home controller. Actually which is why I was soooo looking forward to inherit my harmony and main reason for backing. I wanted one homogenous interface for control and NEEO promised to be just that. But my home is largely built around hue scenes and most of all I was looking forward to integrate Z-Wave dimmers into my gross and scenes. Without super for those, neither generic nor NEEO created ones, this makes little to no sense.

      So what's left other than waiting. It's sad and hard, because we both agree the hardware is beautiful and waits to be put to use but I hope we also did agree, it's not a ready product yet and a lot left to do.

      And that was all I was intending to say.

    • Klaus Grosser Then we both are in the same direction. I totally agree with you that the software is far away from Perfect. I also had on of the first Harmony Remotes that were published (and still had until NEEO) the beginning of this remote was not really better. There were also big issues and Logitech forces something what was not my intention to do, but actually now they have more then 10 years in experience, and this is the part why every competitor must measure itself with their products. They were the first one in the market for no fully integrated "professional" Systems. But until today i totally dislike the approach they do with the use of the Plastik housings and buttons you can't read very good after a mile of usage.

      I also don't mean my answere as a directive or anything, i think on this planet are enough short replys and inputs nobody really understand, that i really appreciate an longer post with good input, thats why i also replyed to you with a longer statement from my side. It is allways nice to see other feedback and thoughts and "talk" to each other, but in the world of the WWW this can be started into a unhappy discussion as very quickly as well.

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      Klaus Grosser the ability to define a dummy device is a must for me too

    • gerald carosati because user created recipes as per current bug do not show an "Off" button to end them like the predefined ones?

    • Klaus Grosser this is one way to do it ...

    • gerald carosati Thanks die the Link.will try that when I have the time.

  • Ask a 100 FireTV owners what "supports FireTV" would mean in their heads.
    No one would think "supports FireTV" means that you can turn on TV and switch the input. I bet my hand it's no one. I'm sure you'll agree. I understand that Neeo doesn't support it yet. There's just so many products out there, I get it and it's okay, just don't lie about it.

    Be honest with the community and admit that Neeo does not support FireTV. Do the right thing and remove it from the list of supported products and then let us know when you have the integration working.

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