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I want to control a TV set on another room, different than the brain. Does the remote have any IR capabilities?

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  • Damian Alarcón No, the remote itself is not capable of IR.

    You can search for IR-Extender, there are products, that send IR over LAN or cable less. No other solution currently avail exept the use of another brain (but there no sync currently applyed.

  • 😐omg, I can't do anything with NEEO and I have two brains and two remotes. It's useless to search music on SONOS with Apple Music, I can't use it with any of the air conditioners because support can't add it and there is no way to manually add the device, I can't integrate the z-wave devices because NEEO doesn't connect with the Vera controller, two brains can't link to each other so I have to be setting the same on both and now, the top of the cake is that the remote doesn't do anything but the same (or less) than the app.

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      • Raphael
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Damian Alarcón There is some limitation on what Sonos partners can do in terms of browsing. I'm not in a position to share too much of the details behind that but - there is a good reason no other remote control on this planet does feature those functions ;) It's certainly not that we would want to limit it from our side. Anyways - the Sonos team is doing an awesome job getting more and more functionality in. More features are sure to come. Already in the upcoming release you will find some nice new Sonos features and fixes. Regarding your Vera issue - can you reach out to Patrick - I believe he knows that product super well as he also owns one and he can certainly help. For now you are correct, You need to setup up multiple brains individually. Some synch mode is in the backlog so there is a good chance that this feature will be supported down the road. Thanks for posting here and I hope these answers helped to get an understanding of the situation. Gracias! 

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