How to Setup a Wemo mini outlet

I noticed that with the new firmware 0.51.13 release that the Wemo mini switch can now be operated by the Neeo Remote/Brain. I've gone ahead and ordered a Wemo mini outlet but have yet to receive it.

Do you have to initially use the Belkin Wemo app to setup the switch before you use the Neeo app to search for the device?

Any other suggestions you might have in setup?

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  • Hi,  Patrick Keegan. Thank you for your request. 

    Do you have to initially use the Belkin Wemo app to setup the switch before you use the Neeo app to search for the device?

    Yes, please. First setup your Wemo with the Wemo app. 

    Please let me know if this works for you then.

    • Ingrid Patrick Keegan

      I don’t think the WeMo app does not give you any options to configure the WeMo devices.

      However, you do need the app to update the firmware on your WeMo devices. I strongly recommend you to update the firmware if available before setting it up with NEEO.

      I also recommend to assign a static IP address to your WeMo device. As this cannot be done on the WeMo device directly, I recommend to add your WeMo device to the IP reservation table on your router.

  • Ingrid Paul Spee  I just received my Wemo Mini Smart Plugs. 2 Plugs total. First thing I did was download and install the Wemo app from the Google Play Store. Included with the Wemo plugs are a set of instructions. I plugged one of the Wemo minis in an outlet that I knew could see my WiFi as well as be easy to reach (This outlet wasn't to be its final resting spot). I waited for the indicator on the Wemo Plug to stop flashing. On my Android phone I went into Settings -> WiFi and turned off my wifi connection then turned it back on. I could now see all available wifi connections. I found and selected Wemo.Mini.. I then launched the Wemo app that I had just installed. It found the Wemo mini I has just plugged in. I named it appropriately for its intended use. I continued the Wemo setup within the app and attached the new plug to my Wifi. All was good. Within the Wemo app I tested the plug's on off. I clicked the refresh icon and it indicated a firmware update was available. I let the app install the firmware. I unplugged the Wemo plug and plugged it into its final destination. I waited to see that the indicator on the Wemo plug stopped flashing ~1min (It had found and connected to my home WiFi). I repeated the above steps to set up the second Wemo mini plug. So it appears initially that each Wemo plug acts as its own wifi source that you connect to in order to setup the plug. In the setup you then later assign it to your home Wifi (The one your Neeo Brain is attached to).

    I opened the NEEO app on my phone and added the Wemo switch I wanted (only one of the two for now). I was then able to create an on recipe and an off recipe. The recipes appeared on my NEEO remote. I tested them and everything worked as expected.

    Overall time maybe 30 minutes.

    Now I can cycle power to my DVR without having to get on the floor and pull its plug. It needs to be cycled about once a month to keep its attached storage info up to date.

    Thanks NEEO,


  • Patrick Keegan Wow! Thank you very much for your detailed report and sharing this with our community. 🙂  I guess that helps other users a lot. Keep on writing! 

  • I just finished adding a Wemo mini-plug to turn on off a Bluetooth Receiver connected to my home stereo. The Bluetooth receiver is in my basement and connects into my stereo system there. Last night I was able to listen to Amazon Prime Music from my phone through my main stereo system. I added a new device, within NEEO,  that uses the same IR codes as my main receiver. I modified that device's name to Phone and then modified the Phone launch and power off recipes to power up the Bluetooth adapter, startup my home AV with the correct input as well as start several computer fans. The Neeo remote shuts them all down with the NEEO power off sequence for the Phone device.

    The Bluetooth adapter has no on off button so if it has power it will be active.

    I use the Wemo min-plug to control the power to the Bluetooth Receiver as I didn't want to leave it powered on when I wasn't audio streaming from my phone for phone security reasons as my phone will connect to the adapter anytime its in the house and the phone's Bluetooth service is on. The adapter is considered a "Trusted" source by my android phone and while connected will disable the phone from lockout. I no longer have to pair the phone with the adapter since its a "Trusted" source. I didn't have any issues streaming from my phone to the adapter even though I was in the Living Room ~ 5 meters (15 feet) away through the flooring.

  • I swapped out my router yesterday. Doing so broke my NEEO/Wemo connections. As mentioned by Paul Spee,  I made sure the new router has reserved IP addresses for the Wemo switches. To get NEEO to again work with the Wemo switches I had to delete them at the Device level in the NEEO app. I then had to reboot the Brain. Once done I was able to reinstall the desired Wemo switch and use it in my recipes.

  • My NEEO brain lost the associated Wemo config. Had to follow my previous advise of deleting my Wemo device in Neeo config. Reboot Neeo brain then reinstalled Wemo back into Neeo brain config. All is good again.

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