How to change volume control after turning AVR on

I try to control following use case:

I started watching TV with a TV recipe. After a while I like to start the AVR to have a better audio experience. 

Is it possible not to leave the TV recipe I'am in and do the following:

  • Turn on the AVR
  • Mute the TV
  • Change the volume controls of the TV recipe to use AVR

If I turn of the AVR the other way round:

  • Turn off the AVR
  • Unmute the TV
  • Change the volume controls of the TV recipe to use TV
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  • Hi, Sven Wiese-Solty. Thank you for reaching out to us.

    Do I understand correctly, that normally when you are watching TV you would like to use your AVR for a better audio experience? To do so, you can edit the Volume step. Go to recipes, click on your TV recipe and choose Edit launch. Then edit the step "Use volume" and change it to Use "AVR receiver" volume.

    If you like to use two different recipes you can also add your AVR once more, unhide it by enabling the AV Receiver toggle in recipes and set Show TV controls. Then you have your TV for watching TV and another recipe when you like to use your AVR together with your recipe for a better audio experience.  Please let me know if that makes sense to you. 

  • For shure it solves the problem, but it‘s not the case. It‘s a typical family scenario: a family member starts waching TV and later on I want to add the AVR without changing the main recipe. Otherwise I have to double all recipes where the TV and maybe the AVR are involved.

    • Sven Wiese-Solty you have to double all recipes if you like it to do it your way. otherwise you can't use AVR Volume or TV Volume with the HW Buttons.

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  • I would sugest making a feature request. This isn’t that uncommon. I personally don’t watch TV with my AVR turned on that much but it’s a situation I can relate to.

    Ideally an option to switch between TV and AVR would be available.

    out of experience I know there’s more to this as I’ve built a switch and a volume slider to do just this. Then the issue raises that the TV volume is still up. Luckily I’m able to set a specific volume setting to my TV over IP as automating volume down isn’t easy and consequently possible with Ir.

    now whenever my AVR turned on the volume of my TV is set to 0. When the receiver is turned off and a recipe is using the TV then the TV volume is set to 8 automatically.

    Unfortunately the NEEO logic isn’t that sophisticated yet so I use the logic on another HA solution combined with the NEEO API’s.

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    • Niels de Klerk Thx for answer. Creating a custom recipe and make them available as shortcut would be an easy solution for NEEO to implement and would help in a lot of scenarios.

    • Sven Wiese-Solty agreed. A request for that already exist.

    • Niels de Klerk hi man,

      Get know Node-RED automation tool. It's makes problems people are having here a "walk in the park"

      It sits down on the network and listens out for the comms on the connected nodes and for you to watch the magic happen. I use my remote only for media and everything else automated with interlinked servers like Mqtt and so much more! It's like house has brain of it's own!

      Those tools are free! Just load them on a raspberry pi and off you go! 

      I think am just too lazy to press buttons 😁



  • Modern AVRs like Pioneer will let you set a preset volume level on start up. But my first advice is think "HDMI-cec" first. A lot of folks have not utilised this and do find themselves where they can't have things automated. Read about it and see what magic it can do!



  • Ok, after upgrading my setup with an up-to-date DENON AVR I found out that, if every HDMI device is talking HDMI 2.0 with each other, a lot challenges are solved. My Philips TV detects the DENON as ARC device and automatically sends volume change signals via HDMI back to AVR. So there is no need for rewiring the hardware volume buttons anymore :-).

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