GE 14282 Z-Wave switch not working

Hi folks,

I've connected the GE smart switch to NEEO - but cannot get it to operate the switch. Screen shots from the NEEO app attached. Is there something I need to do to configure the device?

Any suggestions?




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  • Hi, Steve Campbell. Thank you for reaching out to us. 

    Did you get any error messages at the inclusion? 
    Could you please provide me with a screenshot of all added devices? (Go to the settings > Tap on Devices > make a screenshot of all listed devices in your NEEO app)
    Can you also try to open your TV recipe and add all shortcuts of your GE 14282 and test them? 

  • Thanks Ingrid. I will try to add shortcuts. Here are the screen shots of all devices.

  • Ingrid - I added the 2 Z-wave short cuts to a recipe (see below) but they don't do anything. Also - I got no errors during inclusion.

  • Hi,  Steve Campbell. Thank you for all the information. So do I understand correctly, that GE 14282 is the "Z-Wave Device" in your device list? 

    Can you please open this link and share the content of this (You can find the Brain IP in the About section in the NEEO app.):  http://BRAIN_IP:3000/projects/home

    Please send it to me via DM. Thank you!

  • Had a reply from Jose. Followed typical instructions (power reset brain, remove z-wave, re-run inclusion). Again. Doesn't work. 


    What do we have to do to get Z-wave to work??

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