All in the same room

Does NEEO need to be in the same room as all your devices and connected to an Ethernet cable?

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  • When devices are controlled via IR it needs line of sight to your devices. When used over HDMI-CeC or TCP/IP no need to be in the same room / compartment.

    for first setup the LAN Cable is required, later on it can be used as WiFi only device <- for NEEO Brain
    the NEEO Remote only uses WiFi (and a direct connection over 6LowPAN for status Updates)

    • Markus M 

      thank you, is there a place I can find instructions to set this up for WiFi 

    • George Gigiolio I'm not sure what you mean.

      When you set up the NEEO Brain, you are asked for the WiFi Network and the credentials. This datathen get loaded to the Remote. If you Setup the NEEO Combo first, you need to attach the Brain to your Network via the LAN Cable, otherwise it is not possible to setup the NEEO!

      There is no WiFi only Setup!

    • Markus M 

      ok but when I first set this up a few years ago I never plugged in an ether net cable and NEEO controlled everything. Now my set up has changed and it’s asking to plug in the cable or it will not work, what gives? I do not have a cable accessible anymore.

    • George Gigiolio First Setup was always with LAN cable. If you have issues actually, you may ask for help.