Unwanted and odd behavior on the remote

Patrick For the most part the brain/remote works very well, and I like it lot better than my old Logitech Hub (the setup was just to limited on it). Some parts of the Logitech worked very good, and those things I miss on the NEEO.

When switching between recipes, the old recipe is still active. Trying to close it make up lots of odd behaviors. I also have a Z-Wave wall switch that's controlled thru OpenHAB. Closing a recipe will behave like I close everything down, making the wall switch turn off the power to everything, ever thou I still have another recipe active. This is not as smart as it should be? Logitech manage this very good (except it doesn't control Z-Wave of course).

The way it should work is that if you have two recipes running, it should just turn of those devices that is NOT in use by another recipe. If I have Kodi running, and switch to PS4, and then close Kodi, it will shut down the projector, Kodi and after a while turn of the wall switch. It should just turn of Kodi, because I still have the PS4 running and have the projector and wall switch still connected to that recipe.

For now, it just launch a script turning stuff on and off regardless of what is running. That behavior is not very smart, is it?

Also, there should be an option for the device if you want to have the device still running if it's not active, or turn it of if no other recipe uses it. This can't be done within the recipe itself, so there's no way to turn of fx Kodi if I swtich to the PS4.

Is this problem something you are looking into?

-- Mike

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  • Michael Rydén First of all, welcome to planet.neeo

    You describtion is basically the same as over at this voting:


    If you like, you can add your vote there to.

    But to be honest, i don't think this feature will come in a short hand, as there is an open patent by Logitech which exactly takes care of "Device state storage and using of this information" this needs to be avoided from neeo, or they need to pai Logitech to use it. Therefor this can be a hard Topic to solve it for the user.

    From the programming site i don't see issues here, this should be doable.

    Hope this info is helping you.

    • Markus Mahr Ah, I think I missed that one. But yeh, I think that's what I was looking for :) Not sure how I "vote", just press like?

      Patent? For tuning on and off devices and store the state of it? That's just plain crazy. Lots of times it feels that companies (especially big ones) just take patents fore basic stuff just to keep others from creating better implementation. Look at Apple vs Samsung, some things they fight about is just plain stupid.

    • Michael Rydén there is actually a button on the first topic that says vote. If you pressed this, it should count your vote.

      Yes, I also found it very strange, but it exist and that's a very strange part. But it needs to be known when using such features as a company.

    • Markus Mahr Ah, you are right. Found it :)

      it's very strange indeed. Think it's madness that you can patent something like that.

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