Hacking and continuation conversation

Is there a new place or a centrally located place for discussion around trying to continue use after "shutdown"?    Searching this place may be unreliable soon and data seems to be scattered.  Anyone want to start one ?  

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  • Thanks. But the messaging website says the link is invalid to join group. 

      • Gary H
      • Techie
      • ozsmarthome
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Matt B Did you try on phone or browser?

      Worked for a mate today. Try tomorrow.  if still not working.  tell me and will get refreshed

      • Johan De Poorter
      • owner, engineer, professional
      • Johan_De_Poorter
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Gary H can somebody send a new link ? last one doesn't work ... THX

      • Rage
      • Rage
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Johan De Poorter I recommend downloading the Telegram app and then trying the link again, it didn’t work for me via safari on iOS and using the app is how I joined, hope this helps. 

  • Sorry it looks like I am unable to post links here anymore.  

  • If you search Finding Neeo maybe in Telegram maybe

  • Telegram app must be installed first before you click on the link.  Yeah.

    Put https in front of below


  • Just as a reminder: if you still want to use your neeo after the servers are shut down, then join the community on telegram.

    me/joinchat/NocMDU9RCVP9hSCJxPsCEg (you have to add https in front like in the posts above)

    We have a tool called "meta". Please read on to get a rough idea of what "meta" is.


    The neeo brain / remote is offering a software development kit (SDK) from day one to write custom drivers. Creating those custom drivers to communicate directly with the neeo sdk has some drawbacks that I do not want to go into further here.

    So a driver called "meta" was developed. It's a "meta driver" in the truest sense of the word. Meta runs on a seperate server (raspberry pi). The meta driver connects to NEEO via the original SDK. Custom drivers can now be written in a json format (containing short javascript parts where needed). Meta will than forward/ translate those drivers to NEEO as they were directly connected via the SDK.

    So using drivers via meta introduces some extra features to neeo like:

    • running multiple custom drivers while only using one sdk adapter in the brain
    • fast creation of custom drivers (json file format with javascript parts where needed) - mqtt compatibility (node-red, home assistant...)
    • ability to create and maintain custom drivers after neeo server shutdown (cloud storage with drivers offline)
    • custom drivers can talk to devices through several types of ip commands
    • ... or the build in ir blaster of the brain can be used to send any custom command in global cache format (recording ir commands from physical ir remote is not reliable with build in ir sensors but broadlink is a solution to this). So creating custom new ir drives is possible too.


    The community has created and shared some very nice drivers which are taking the original neeo to a whole new level.

    For example:

    •  philips hue (fully functional like the original philips hue integration that cones with neeo)
    • kodi
    • roon
    • volumio
    • tasmota
    • Yamaha AVR/ MusicCast Multiroom audio
    • Denon/ Marantz AVR
    • LG TV
    • naim
    • Broadlink IR (external ip to ir device to record and replay any ir command)
    • blerc (Control Devices via simulated Bluetooth Keyboard (e.g. Nvidia Shield). Additional Hardware (ESP32) needed!)
    • enigma2
    • plex
    • some shelly devices
    • Sony Bravia TV

    ... and probably a few more that i forgot. And some other highly individual drivers that are just usable in the individual setup.


    As mentioned above meta adds a lot to the original neeo and i probably just scratched the surface with the above description.


    There are instructions on how to use and install meta on a raspberry pi. If you have more questions, meet me on Telegram.

  • Here we are 2 years later for me...  is there no possible way to move this extension of communication to a more web friendly platform instead of a mobile app?   Using a phone for typing any messages of length is annoying and I'd like to join in and follow what's going on, but if it's like a single chat group and no threaded conversations, you can count me out.  Maybe someone could just create a web page with all the updates and information on the development of what's happened? 

  • Hi maybe using something like discord might be a good solution 

  • We used to have a discord server for a while but we had to abandon it for reasons.


    Telegram can be used on a Desktop too.

    a) Either in you browser: web.telegram dot org

    b) Or as Windows/ macOS App: desktop.telegram dot org