Sonos ARC


Is the new Sonos ARC supportet?


wird die neue Somos ARC supportet?

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  • Just use the Sonos PlayBase device boys.  馃槈

    No chance of getting anything added in this place. 

  • Still not supported!?! 馃槖 

  • still not supported, and NO reaction to my emails;

    this firm also appears to be a rip-off: as soon as they have sold their hardware, none of their promises regarding adding new devices to their databases are kept :-((


    i really had it with crowdfunding platforms!

    • Johan Milio I hope you know that Neeo is not developing its devices / platforms since february 2019 when Control4 overtook Neeo and development for original Neeo brain + remote was stopped right away. So no new updates for 2 years and Neeo hardware will slowly stop working after they decide to shut down these forums etc. You have to buy Control4 systems to get proper support because original Neeo employees are now under Control4.

      • Johan Milio
      • owner @ MILIO Consulting
      • Johan_Milio
      • 1 yr ago
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      Onni Manninen so as i said: a ripp-off ! therefore, i will never support any crowfunding platforms anymore

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