After the cloud stop.


As I see a lot of questions about how Neeo will operate when the cloud will stop, specially for the IR (infra red) controlled devices. Actually you can use your neeo remote to control very inexpensive IR blasters in a very flexible way, far from the brain without issue and then control any IR operated devices. As a demo, I developed a small driver for Air Con using the very inexpensive broadlink RM mini 3, a small IR blaster. Please click the link for demo.

Let me know if any interest on the "how to".

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  • I am interested in the ‘how to’

  • I am also interested 😊

  • +1

  • Ok so the answer for people who have a bit of development background is quite easy. You need to have a broadlink IR blaster (there is certainly other brands but I am happy with this one).

    The model I have is this one:

    but other models should be ok.

    On GitHub you need to download this (and by the way, 99% of the kudos go to the guy who created it).

    This is a python script with which you can make your Broadlink record IR messages and repeat them when you want. 

    So all I did is record my AC remote and make my node.js code (Neeo) call the broadlinkd scrips. I just created the user interface.


    If people with non-developer background (but still techy) are interested to use this, I can try to publish to GitHub and have an alpha tester use it. Again, let me know.

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  • Amazing Job @JeanArnaud ! I'm really interested to try this! Hopefully you'll publish this on GitHub and write a short tutorial about "How to".  🙂

  • Thanks, a how to for advanced dummies would be great. Maybe you can talk us through one scenario so we can learn from it

  • Can you elaborate on how you created the interface as well?

  • Hello BuzzLightyear and thanks for your interest.

    I just published today my first driver (the Philips Hue Driver and I won't have time today to publish another one but I can work on it next week-end if interested.

    Are you a developer yourself? If you are, I can just push you my quick and dirty code for you to see.

    The slider-like label effect is just done by pushing the characters to the Neeo label, it is a kind of an hack in order to make the very limited UI of neeo a bit nicer, I did also one on my Volumio driver for the volume.

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      JeanArnaud I am not a developer but an advanced user and in most cases am able to get things done if some pointers are provided 🙂. Appreciate your feedback and will start reading through it. Got a spare Neeo to start experimenting.

  • So basically, net week I'll publish to github anyway for you guys to play around.

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