Support and adding new Devices

Hi all

i spoke to the support.
They told me that they just will add devices with IR, which is clear, and you have to mail your Device you like to add to
they are not lokin' into the NEEO forum anymore..

So please mail to support if you like to add new Devices.

this is just a information from my side, because i was sad nothing happens when someone asks for adding Devices.

i wish you all a pleasent day

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    • Bernard Cooper
    • Software Tester / Tech Enthusiast / Disenchanted KS NEEO backer
    • Bernard_Cooper
    • 2 yrs ago
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    Wow.... NEEO continue to over-promise and under-deliver.  Thanks for passing on the information nuro .  This should have been communicated by whoever is left to keep the lights on via an official update.  Seems pretty clear now that the NEEO servers will go offline smartly at 12:01 once the 24 month of "support" are up.

    Did Raphael or any of the developers ever reach out to those of you who expressed interest in finding a way to keep our remotes from becoming e-waste?  At the absolute minimum, there should be a way to back-up the current config locally.  If not, any factory reset after the 24 months are up is gonna brick our devices.

    • Bernard Cooper 
      as far as i know there was no more communication about the way NEEO will life after those 24 Months.
      The Problem is not a factory reset, the NEEO Brain needs the Cloud Connect to the NEEO Servers. so if they put the lights out on the Servers our NEEO's will be e-waste right away..

    • nuro I guess it would be like unplugging the network cable. It will continue to work as-is but I assume you won't be able to add any new devices or such because there's no "local cache" of all devices in each and every Neeo... or something like that.

  • Anybody been successful in reaching recently? I mailed them 3 weeks ago requesting to add a device (I attached all the IR codes) and so far no reply ...