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It would be great to use a windows style configuration software similar to ProntoProEdit NG that I used with my old TSU7500.  It was super intuitive and didn't require any real coding skills, of which I have none.

The software installed on Windows and communicated with the remote via USB.

It allowed for full customization, including adding my own icons for buttons, backgrounds, macros (now recipes), and IR learning for the buttons that weren't in the database.

This is the only major component missing from NEEO. Please include!!!!

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  • Allready a voting open over here: https://planet.neeo.com/t/18flbx/neeo-configuration-app-for-windows-10

    and there is another Voting (not software based but Webbased solution) over here:


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      • Kurt Meyer
      • Kurt_Meyer
      • 12 days ago
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      Markus Mahr Hi Markus just wanted to let you know the first link "windows 10 app" is not working.

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    • Kurt Meyer There was a previously clean and recheck time. It can be that my first link was actually not the first opened voting, and therefor this was moved to archive.

      But all votes and The Topic was migrated to a topic with the same interests.

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  • I still use my Philips Pronto and I was hoping that Neeo could be a replacment, as Philips has discontinued the Pronto program. I have a very complex setup with multiple devices:

    • AV-PreAmp
    • AV-Power-Amp
    • TV-Setup Box
    • Chromecast Video (HDMI)
    • Chromecast Audio (Toslink)
    • MicroRendu USB Transporter for Roon bit perfect streaming (DSD)
    • TV (HDMI)
    • Beamer (HDMI)

    As I have multiple devices for Video as well as for Audio, plus in addition also multiple screens (TV and Beamer), this setup is really not so easy. So far, all other remote solutions have failed, except my Pronto.

    I have a perfect setup for my Philips Pronto, where every screen only provides the necessary functions. For every source system, there is automatically the correct mode selected and I still have the possibility to switch very quickly between modes, without going through whole power-on/off receipes. I think that's the difficulty if you are not a mainstream (maximum two devices per room) user. Even my girlfriend can handle my system and there are no emergency phone calls when I am not at home...


    So far, I think Neeo is more or less a standard IR-Remote with Harmony style limited customization functions. :-(

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    • Alex Reusch Sorry, but i don't get what a configuration Software would help in your case?!? Also you can modifiy each of the recipes in neeo. My setup is (except the beamer) fully working and there are not less devices included. I edited the recipes witch are needed and all is working nice via NEEO.

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    • Markus Mahr It's just hard to believe, that a 20+ year old system, still outperforms a "Next Gen" solution by miles, in terms of simplicity and flexibility. Right now, I have two officially supported devices for Neeo, that don't work as they should and there is nothing I can do by myself. Just wait and hope that the Neeo team will fix it. Also, it's up on Neeo to define the screen setup of a device and the general look and feel. I have no choice to define, which buttons or options are available for a device. Receipes? Cumbersome setup on a smartphone, instead of comfortable programming on a large screen. Ever heard of re-usable macros that can be used across devices/activities? I use many of them and I am not limited to only one receipe per device. Being able to differentiate between activity jumps and page jumps is another nice feature, that I am missing on Neeo. Anyway, it's difficult to discuss when expectations are so different. For me, Neeo is actually a pure consumer device and too limited for an advanced setup that requires some level of customization. Hard to believe that this will change anytime soon.

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    • Alex Reusch  The old pronto team truly did a lot of cool stuff back in the days. I‘m sure you agree that for today’s world of smart devices are not covered anymore. We care a lot about getting both right. The biggest development that will be published soon are actually driven by some awesome and precise user feedback. I think the features you are asking for in the NEEO world are not too tricky to archive in some flavour. Here is a little preview of what’s coming In those regards: the next large firmware update will include a complete new power mode that will allow automation even for devices that  are purely infrared toggle controlled. Until now we have the manual mode for that. This is currently being beta tested and will be made public pretty soon. 

      In terms of customization: in the release after that you will see some of the most votes ideas being realized. You will fully be able to arrange, hide and customization screens. This is more for users like you rather than my mom but I agree it’s valuable to have. I look forward to hear your feedback once you played with the oncoming versions. Thanks!

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    • Raphael Oh, looking forward to that second Update 😍

      Alex Reusch I did shooth you a reply over at an other Post about the "small screen" 😉

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      • Kurt Meyer
      • Kurt_Meyer
      • 11 mths ago
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      Alex Reusch Alex Reusch Hi Alex you are speaking out of my heart 🙂. I'm as well a Pronto user and stick still to it because of missing flexibility on the Neeo. Started as well a thread with the same topic https://planet.neeo.com/t/m21b1q/usability-for-experts-very-poorunflexible.

      Raphael I'm also very curious to receive the new firmware

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    • Pink Camera  That is kind of disappointing. I was reading this thread getting excited for the customization options that are coming. Then noticed they were coming 3 months ago...and apparently still are....maybe...eventually. Sometime.

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    • Raphael I was a pronto user for more than 15 years, when mine eventually died, I switched to NEEO, expecting to find the same kind of flexibility in terms of user interface design. I'm awfully disappointed. 

      I get it, NEEO's motto is an "insanely simple setup for your smart home", and making a configuration application is a big investment that would only interest customers willing to spend a lot of time on their remote configuration. But right now, users are locked up in NEEO's envision of the ultimate universal remote control, and that's a pretty tight space. What about improving the SDK to allow (drastic) changes in the UI  look and feel ? 

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