"T9 (Text on 9 keys)" Keypad missing and needed to use e.g. search on IPTV/satellite box

Arris VIP4302W and other IPTV boxes use remote controls number section (numpad?) to allow users to be able to write something in service UI e.g. when using search. Just like with early mobile phones users where able to text by phone's numpad. I think this is basic stuff but NEEO's screen menu (for at least Arris VIP4302W IPTV box) has only numbers.

The functionality of course is there beneath as numbers are used to get characters but now users need to remember by heart how many times I need to press e.g. number 5 to get 'k' and it's not good usability at all. As the functionality already is there NEEO UI just needs to have the characters shown with the numbers. Please see the example picture above.

This might sound like it's not a big deal but believe me it is. This and other IPTV services have nowadays all the bells and whistles (YouTube, Netflix, VOD and SVOD services + normal DVR type of services) so "writing" and making searches is crucial to use service.

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  • Hello  Miikka Myllylä thank you for your feedback and idea, I have moved your ticket to Idea Voting, to also have the feedback from the other users. Wishing you a lovely day. Regards,

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    • Emily Why are You moving this?! It's not an idea for new feature this is necessity to be able to use service (and device)! Please move it back to defect area! Thanks!

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    • Miikka Myllylä as it’s a request for change on the software side, it is logged into the idea voting. This way the team have one place where all features and enhancement request are stored. The impotence for you and others to have this enhanced feature will weight in the priority order.

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    • Niels de Klerk I understand the point. Hopefully this isn't buried under all other bigger changes as this would be just an update for the number icons. At the moment the service is unusable with NEEO remote so I just wish others have similar kind of issues and vote as the IPTV service I use doesn't have onscreen keyboard where You just navigate and choose characters like with Apple TV. :(

      And I'm confused that am I truly the first one to suffer from this? :O

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    • Miikka Myllylä I personally never used the T9 approach on a remote and haven’t seen others requesting it yet. I do understand it’s quite difficult when you’re using this. 

      I have voted the feature :-)

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    • Niels de Klerk Thanks! I looked up T9 'text on 9 keys' and no wonder it's used as the service is from mobile operator. :D But yeah, it's impossible to write anything without having a hint where to get the characters you need. It's pity I still need to use other remote for the job. :(

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  • Thus is basically a request for the ability to have alphanumeric input for devices that allow it. See https://planet.neeo.com/t/80kapj for a recent discussion. I'm voting here!

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  • please do this as really struggle right now entering search terms.  maybe quickest solution (without making a full keyboard) is make a new slide to just to show ABC keys in place of 0-9 keys with the corresponding letters e.g.

    ABC in place of 2

    DEF in place of 3

    and so on

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  • Finally, I moved all further T9 requests to the Archive. We will continue here. All missing votes are counted. (1)

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    • Ingrid 

      This unfortunately sounds like that this case is swept under the carpet? :( I really don't understand why it's so hard to implement this. I understand that there are maybe more "important" things which have more votes etc. but this should be rather easy/fast to do?! Still I can't use this remote as I would need to and to be honest I have lost my hope on this. :(

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  • Ingrid - what does that actually mean !?

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  • I'm sorry if you got the impression that we are no longer looking into this voting, the opposite is the case. So don't worry.  
    I started to merge all same votings together, to get the best overview. At the moment there are few similar votings, with different headlines, which could be confusing. We use the voting system to set priorities for future firmware updates. Therefore it's much more effective to have one main topic getting the highest votes, instead of three times the same topic with fewer votes. Would you agree on that?  
    As we don't want to lose any vote, I add them to the main topic. In that case, it means one more vote.🙂

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  • Please do add this as a feature. I have an Xfinity cable box from Comcast (US) that also allows alphanumeric program search by entering the titles with the remote. It should be a simple UI update for the keypad screen with letters placed beneath the numbers. Thanks. 

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    • Agree, an alphanumeric keypad be very good. Both for netflix and xfinity. But no the T9 way. you can easily fit A to Z 26 chars + 0 to 9 numbers in one screen.

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