Shortcuts for Apple TV?

Is there a section on here where people can post their recipes?? I haven’t found any.


is there a place that describes all the options?  Like what does Transport (w/o stop) mean?  What about Transport Skip, Transport Search? (Both of these are in the Apple TV shortcut section.)


i would like to be able to create a shortcut that opens a specific app on my Apple TV.  I start looking through the options and I don’t see a search function, so how do I get the Apple TV to know what app to open? 




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  • Hi,  Randy N. Thank you for reaching out to us. You are in the recipe section now, so you can share your recipes here if you like to do that. 🙂

    Here you can find some helpful information about your Apple TV and all the set-top-boxes. 

    The Transport stop, Transport Skip buttons are Widgets. Widgets are preconfigured and a compact set of commands, which are also available automatically, when you add a device. If you like to have single buttons on your screen, you can use the shortcut buttons. When you don't like to use the preconfigured control pad, Widgets are also very helpful. Then you can hide the control pad slide and add all widgets or shortcut buttons you like to have on your main slide. I hope that does make sense to you.

  • Makes some sense, yes.

    This is sounding a lot more difficult than it should be.  I have tried multiple recipes and shortcuts to launch a specific App when a button on the remote is pushed and I have found no way of doing that successfully yet.

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