HowTo control specific IR devices with NEEO (Additional hardware necessary)

NEEO supports more than 60'000 devices which directly work out of the box. 
However, there is a small selection of models which need additional hardware in order to work with NEEO via infrared. These are marked in our database with "Additional Hardware necessary". Bellow, you can find a list about all these devices including links where you can buy these accessories. 




  • Sony PlayStation 3
    Please note, PS3 Slim doesn't need a dongle, it can be controlled via CEC by NEEO.


  • Swisscom TV 2.0
    Further link here.
    Please be aware that most shops don't have this additional device available any more.


  • Swisscom TV 2.0 UHD
    Additionally, the USB dongle for the older Swisscom TV also works for the UHD version.
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