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and how does it look like after the said 24 months? are our NEEO's really just a bunch of old metal, a proverbial paperweight?
can you say anything here yet?

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  • nuro If they shut down the servers, they definitely will:

    in the linked topic i mentioned what is based on what and why the remotes will stop working (mostly) if you will not change anything in your AV setup, you can use the remote until the end of the batteries or any other defect.

  • Good morning,


    I have written a couple of emails to Control4 to find out what migration possibilities they had, they told me that it is not possible to install the new OS in Neeo Orginal; changes are not only at software level, there are also changes of Hardware, memory, drivers, etc. We can forget to use Neeo in the not too distant future ... Sunset Started.... already ordered a Logitech Harmony

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      Jose Lopez Huete Ofcourse, it's all about money.

      Control4 is did not buy neeo to update the neeo's for free or for a little money. 

      You can throw youre neeo in the wastebin and buy a new one. I must say i do not read often that a compagny as neeo hates there custumors that much.

      So this was also my last kickstrater action and i will never ever buy anything where the name of the "neeo CEO" is attachted.

  • Does anyone have a copy of that blog post? It looks like the content is not visible anymore.