Denon AVR-X4500H

Dear forum,

i added the device to the app, but it does not show in the remote. It is simply nowhere.

if I go to the list of devices I can find it.

can you pls help me?




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  • Andrew C a AVR is hidden by default.. when you just want to use AVR you can unhide it in device settings..
    normaly you don't need the AVR as a single device. it's the master in other recipes..

    let me know if i can help you.

  • Hi Nuro,

    i need to make this visible because when I user the phone via AirPlay the receiver doesn’t turn on automatically, so I need to switch on manually.

    can you pls advise on how I can add the receiver to the remote?


    do you know how can I make my Bang Olufsend Beosound 3000 working? There is the device but it does not simply work.


    last question, when the neeo serve will be down, will we be bale to use our remotes without further updates?




    • Andrew C OK, i do understand.. 
      The best thing is to add a recipe with a "dummy" device, so you don't have to use the AVR as a single recipe..
      But if you want you can unhide the AVR in the devices list.. you will find it there.

      I don't know about the B&O 3000, is there a IR reciver on the device?

      further i have no idea if NEEO is still workin after the shutdown.. sorry

  • It is IR, and yes the denon now works well. Thanks

     Any idea for the IR issue with the 3200?




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