Neeo brain ip unreachable

Went to use my device this morning & got an error saying that it was trying to reconnect.  After this went on for a minute or so, I turned the remote off & back on again, after awhile trying to reconnect I got this screen.
I can use the app just fine.
I tried unplugging & plugging back in the brain & turning the remote off several times.  Still same screen pops up.

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  • keith ellis what happen if you click on change Brain?

    This normally should bring the FTUE and the repairing of the Remote with the Brain. Then this should work again.

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  • I wasn’t sure if I should try that. But since you suggested it I went ahead & did that & attempted to pair & it didn’t find a brain. 

    But then I re-read that error screen & it said ‘briefly press the brain FOR ONE SECOND.’ So I pressed it longer than just a tap & it  linked & paired successfully!

    So just curious, what’s the difference between a quick press & a one second press?

    oh, and THANK YOU!!!!!

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    • keith ellis the difference is:

      Quick Press initiates a shift in the used 6lowpan channel / rebuild a connection if both units are connected

      Long press leads to a Broadcast over all channels /dedicated channel that is configured at both units to get them together.

      To be honest, both situations are not yet perfectly and hopefully the 6lowpan connection will get more attention and provide a reliable connection and channel hopping and such things.

      At least, that is what i think it does. Maybe Ingrid will jump in and explain a bit more or provide details.

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  • Well that makes it a lil more clearer lol

    thx for the assist!

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