Can I control two "Brains" with one "Remote"?


I just purchased a remote/brain combo.  I have a couple of questions as unfortunately I can't seem to find any thread with up to date or "definitive" information.

1)  If I want to control another TV and Apple TV in another room, what are my options?  Can I purchase another "Brain" to accomplish this?

2)  Does the remote itself emit IR signals?  I thought it did, but maybe it doesn't by itself?  I tried setting up TV/Apple TV in another room and the remote itself does nothing.

I'd appreciate knowing what is possible here.  I am really discouraged by what I am seeing on these message boards as it seems to me Neeo has pretty much bailed out given that I see lots of "that feature is coming soon" and they are dated a year or more and there is no indication of progress.

I want to like this remote but I have a very strong suspicion this will be headed back to Amazon.  I need some sort of multi-room functionality here without having to spend another $360 for brain/remote.

Thanks for your help!

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  • Scott Hatland  1) There are different possibilities which also depend on what you already own.

    For most options, you need an external computer or home automation system.

    First, it is possible to control the devices in another room via IP and not IR then you do not need visual contact from the brain to the device. The problem is that NEEO is currently hardly able to control devices natively via IP. Therefore, one needs as a supplement either a small computer e.g. Raspberry where you can install an NEEO SDK driver or run a home automation software/ system. The device is then controlled via IP.

    Second possibility if it concerns an IR device you could send the data by foward action of the NEEO likewise to a computer or a house automation. There you get a JSON String with the command that the NEEO had sent. Then you can use in more rooms either existing IR gateways as IRtrans, Logitech, Broadlink, AIO Gateway, etc. if you own any of them and send the IR signal there with a command from the computer or home automation system or you buy a cheap IR transmitter which is controlled by WLAN, for example. Broadlink RM Mini and send the IR signal via the second gateway.

    2) imho think only the brain is sending IR.

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  • Thanks for the detailed reply.  Unfortunately I have none of the above equipment at this time.  The IP option sounds appealing but I can’t say I’m motivated to try that option if it barely works as you indicate.

    is adding another “Brain” in the other room(s) an option?  If so, am I limited to controlling via my phone or other mobile device?  I’m guessing the remote interacting with two “Brains” isn’t possible?

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      Scott Hatland  That depends on what you need and how the devices are controlled. If you have for example more Sonos speakers you can control them with one remote because communication is via IP. A Multi-Brain-System is not supported at the moment natively from NEEO. This was announced as a feature for the NEEO Pro and perhaps will also be available for the NEEO in future. At the moment you can build your own Multi-Brain-System or Multi-Device-System with a home automation as a middleware.

      If you only want to use Infrared Signals you can use the above described forward action to evaluate the commands of an NEEO with a computer or a home automation system. The computer/home automation system can then send the command to another device. This can be a second NEEO brian but also any other gateway, that makes no difference in the case as long as the gateway is controllable over the network. A second NEEO brian would be controlled in this case via the NEEO API. Again, this would either require a computer or a home automation system. I myself use IP Symcon as a home automation system for a scenario like this where you have one NEEO Remote / NEEO brian and then send IR to different rooms to other IR gateways. If it's just a matter of sending an IR command to another room, an NEEO Brian is an option, but from my personal point of view, sending only an IR signal via a second NEEO brain is a bit expensive.
      To send only an IR signal in another room it is 20 times cheaper than an additional NEEO brain to do this via a simple IR transmitter that is controllable via the WLAN, this gateway gets the command passed through from the computer/home automation system which gets the command from the first NEEO brain. A second NEEO brain would be more preferable if in another room the devices are connected and controlled via HDMI.

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  • Scott Hatland A multiroom solution currently does not work natively, this feature will come with one of the next releases, that was announced via the NEEO Pro Remote Topic.

    Currently the only way to have multiroom availability is the usage of IP Control (needs additional Hardware to run self or community created drivers), or a ir forward system (e.g. IR over RF transmitter) but is such a system is used with two appleTV's as example both will be switched simultaniously.

    The community and the NEEO Team are bulding more and more TCP/IP (LAN / Network) drivers but due to the different implementations and Protocols used, this needs time.

    Also there are create Drivers available for Homey and openHAB both build by two Community members ( Niels de Klerk and Tim Roberts )

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