Best way to use NEEO with two TVs that are not nearby

As of this Friday I'm going to have two home entertainment setups, one upstairs and one downstairs, on opposite ends of the house. The NEEO brain and remote are upstairs, and even with the 15 ft extension cable I got, the IR blaster would not reach down here.

Has anyone come across a wireless IR blaster with sufficient range to reach across a house that would give a good experience? I've read some poor reviews of some of the solutions I've seen, such as slowness or unreliability.

It seems like a WiFi extender kit would be great for this so that the IR blaster could be anywhere in range of y our WiFi signal, but I haven't found anything ideal yet. I have a decent Broadlink WiFi IR blaster but it would need to be manually set up with some sort of server between the NEEO and that to translate commands I think.

If I bought a second NEEO remote for downstairs, that would not include any IR capabilities, so I'd still need to figure out an IR blaster in that case right? A second remote is the biggest cost anyway so I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world to buy a whole second NEEO with the brain and remote, but it's too costly for me to do that right now after just buying a new TV so I was hoping for a more cost-effective way to get an IR signal down here for now.

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  • Hi,  Ben McClure. We often got good feedback for BAFX products (e.g. Wireless IR Repeater). Maybe you can have a look on their webpage if they have anything in their range of goods, which will fit your needs. 

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  • Thanks for the tip! Based on the reviews, the BAFX products do seem to have the best chance of working for me. I'll give it a try!

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