Text and icon to small

We often read that icons/text are too small, that's true. 

On this 2 pictures we can see a lot of free space. Why the chars are so small ?

On the icons remove the not very nice circles and enlarge the icon.

You really need to improve the screen management.


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  • Hi, Sil . Thank you very much for your feedback and your image documentation. Personally, I like the size of the icons, although I do understand that you are wondering about the free space. Nevertheless, that's not my personal decision, and we do understand there is a need for this, as you are not the first one requesting this. There is already voting for increasing font size. Please vote for this here. Anyway, I suppose to move this topic to the Idea Voting section as your idea also includes the size of icons. Please vote for this as well. Thanks. 

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  • I agree, the UI sometimes is horrible,  also look at my Photo, I added some Shortcuts widgets, it just looks bad... I could somehow arrage it a bit better, but In my opinion it would still look bad.

    Some sort of free Grid would be nice, ability to change Icons, Nicer Slider implementation. 

    Oh, there is an other Slider, after the last "Licht Stander..." , but its on the next Page...



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