Pioneer SC-99 AV Receiver Missing IR Controls

I've been using the Black Cat Neeo remote happily for quite some time; however, the one thing I still need a device-specific remote for is the "Listening Mode" buttons for my Pioneer SC-99 Receiver.

Depending on source, I like to switch between Direct and Extended Stereo listening modes.

The remote buttons are listed as "AUTO" "SURR" and "ADV" under a "Listening Modes" header.  I usually hit "SURR" to switch to Extended Stereo, and then hit "AUTO" a few times to switch back to Direct.  I've tried to add in as many of the listening mode buttons as are listed, for the device, and none seem to do anything.

I understand you're probably still strongly for the Neeo IR database.  But, since the Conrtol4 acquisition, is there any way to allow for IR learning?  I'm worried this might come up in the future.  And I'm so in love with the Neeo form-factor that I bought spares to last me as long as possible.

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  • "All existing NEEO customers will continue to receive support though and all services will be up for another 24 months. We understand the importance of the IR database continuing to evolve, we have short term solutions in place and we are looking into options to make this possible in the future as well."

    What are these short term solutions, if there is no longer any support, just 6 months after the announcement?

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