create a new recipe, when turning on the following should tackle

Hello everybody
I would like to create a new recipe
when turning on the following should tackle

1) Appel TV
2) spotify should play my playlist
2) Soundbox

Is that possible ?
Who do I do that?

Thank you for your help
Greetings Bernhard

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  • Hi, Bernhard Schaefer. Thanks for reaching out to us. Do I understand correctly, that you like to listen to your Spotify Playlist via Apple TV and AirPlay? How do you start your Spotify Playlist usually? 

    • Ingrid 

      Hello Ingrid
      Thanks for your answer
      Want to hear Spotify playlist on Apple TV and AirPlay? No
      I want to play my Spotify playlist (Christmas) on Apple TV and my Philips HTL1190B soundbar.
      who does this work?

      Regards Bernahrd

    • Hi, Bernhard Schaefer. Ah, I see. I guess you are asking because you see the Spotify account option in your NEEO settings? At the moment the Spotify implementation is only related to SONOS. As far as I know,  Apple TV doesn't offer a Spotify-app, as they have their own music apps. You can vote for native Spotify control for NEEO here.

    • Ingrid 

      Hello Ingrid @NEEO
      yes Apple TV has Spotify app
      OK, then I will head for it via the app incl TV.

      Thank you very much

    • Hi, Bernhard Schaefer. 

      yes Apple TV has Spotify app

      Oh wow, I didn't know that. Thanks for the information. Do you use Apple TV4?

      Maybe I have another solution for you then. If you want to try this, please note, that you shouldn't change your App Layout then, otherwise it would mix your recipe up.

      Just add your Apple TV again, then go thru the wiring process and choose the first setup (Apple TV connected via Soundbar and TV). After that go to the Settings => Devices => Apple TV. Here you can rename it, for example, to "Spotify".

      Then tap on Recipes => Edit launch. (You can also start the Recipe at the Home screen and then tap on the upper right corner => Hamburger menu => Edit this recipe) 

      If your Spotify app, for example, always stands at the third position, then you can add steps like these:

      Menu Main (to make sure you are in the Home Menu) 

      Wait 3 seconds

      Cursor Right

      Wait 3 seconds

      Cursor Right

      Wait 3 seconds

      Cursor Right

      Wait 3 seconds


      Does this make sense? Let me know if that helps.


    • Hello Ingrid 

      ok, supper for your help
      I will do it this morning or tomorrow

    • Ingrid 

      Hallo Ingrid 
      Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe.
      Meine Aussage ist falsch
      Apple TV 4 hat keine Spotify-App :-(

      Ich habe jetzt über Appel Aripaly geschrieben

      Du hast einfach eine tolle Unterstützung hier *****

      Gruß Bernhard

    • Bernhard Schaefer Okay, thanks for clarifying that there is no Spotify app at Apple TV. I was very surprised as you mentioned it is possible. 

      If you control your AirPlay via the computer, you can find some helpful information here

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