So when I installed the latest update you guys told the users there will be more updates in a more rapid order. Since then you introduced NEEO Pro and not one update on the original NEEO. 

Am I the only one who is quite bordered by NEEO? You back a product in 2015. The product is delayed for 2,5 years. A lot of the initial promises aren't kept. (hand recognition, ease of use for Zwave etc.). Why launch a new product with, I assume, new promises when you haven't kept your initial promises? 

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  • Don't get me wrong I love the hardware, but this thing is a hassle to setup and is lacking quick support. And don't tell me just search the forum because most of the issues are new and very specific every time. Thereby most issues have a answer slightly like: "Please do post this in the "idea voting section"."

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  • Thanks for your Statement, Fully agree as already stated in other Topics! Maybee NEEO starts listening if more and more People are complaining!

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      Sebastian Plattner Personally, I do not think it would do any good to complain even more. The facts are known and all the weaknesses of the product and the wishes that the customers have should be known by NEEO, for that they get feedback from planet NEEO.

      Many contributions are now full of resignation or frustration but are still written in a polite tone. Even some users do not write anything but the device is lying in the closet unused. The only point is that now NEEO must act accordingly otherwise they have lost a part of their early adopters, and that is exactly the user or influencer to ensure that the other users would buy NEEO or not.

      A shitstorm would hurt NEEO so much this would not be helpful for all the existing users who already own such a product and hope that the bugs are fixed and promised features will be added.

      Ultimately, NEEO should be aware that such a product in the initial phase is currently dependent on the experiences and recommendations of the existing users.

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  • Sebastian Plattner said:
    Maybee NEEO starts listening if more and more People are comlaining!

    Honestly, I don't think they care. :-(
    I don't know the sale figures of Neeo but I doubt that the Number is significant in comparison to the Harmony for example.
    Neeo burnt a lot of money in the 3 years of development and did the same since it's release last year. In my opinion, that is the reason behind Pro.
    We are just a bunch of Kickstarter early adopters and some more regular buyers.
    All in all that's just peanuts compared to what investors poured in the company. Of course, they want their investment to be profitable. 
    We spend a lot of time with our gear at home but the majority of people don't have the time and knowledge to do that. Therefore the role of the professional installer will be much more important in the coming years. Smart Home will be a huge market and we (the nerds) know how hard it is to get all that equipment properly talk to each other. 
    Dr. XY, Professor Whoever and investment Banker Richie Rich do not have the will and knowledge to do that. But they have a lot of money and they are more then willing to pay the installer to do the job. Especially if the installer shows them a Neeo which is much more elegant than say a Creston or a Harmony.  Fits nicely in that luxury-design living room...
    As the remote is expensive and there are not many of us using it, there is simply no interest of some highly skilled developers to circumvent the firmware and make it possible to put decent software on it. I don't even need the Brain. I would be perfectly happy if I could use the remote only with FHEM. But this will never happen. 

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