Recipes & adapterDeviceId

I need some way to relate a recipe back to the device I exposed via the SDK. Since I cannot store NEEO device ids with the system I am writing a driver for, I thought I could use the ID that I was providing upon registration with NEEO. When directly looking at the device info, it's returned as 'adapterDeviceId'.

It is not being returned when retrieving all the recipes. Did I miss something? Or is there any easy way to retrieve this information?

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  • Boris Pruessmann You're able to receive each ID (for all devices) via an single API Call. You just need to call a dedicated adress and load the XML, but i missed it currently to overhand.

    I know that Niels de Klerk use the correct adress inside his API guide, maybe try a look there or maybe he will come back to you shortly.

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  • What are you trying to achieve exactly? I can’t see much reason for getting the NEEO end of a driver as the SDK handles that.

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    • Niels de Klerk that’s what I am doing - triggering a recipe. The problem is finding the right one. 

      Or did you mean a manually created recipe?

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    • Boris Pruessmann you could do both depending on your needs. To start a recipe use:


      Find the room key in the responce. like in this example:


      use the room key to get all data from the room:<Insert Key Here>/

      in this case you want to know all the recipes from that room so you can directly use:

      The responce will show all recipes and their key's. Lets say one of the key's is 6468527153813127168, then you can get the specifics from this recipe by using:

      Executing the recipe can be done with this API:



      I'm using the Advanced RESR client and sometimes Postman to test and play with the API's as they return formated json and is more easy to read. The image example is done with Advanced Rest client.

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  • I want to externally trigger the recipe that maps to the device I am exposing through my driver.


    • The driver is exposing a musicplayer that is mapping to a specific audio zone. That zone has an ID that I am using as adapterDeviceId.
    • The driver allows me to control the audio zone via NEEO - Play, Pause, etc.
    • The audio device has an alarm functionality. When the alarm hits, audio playback starts. There is an SDK that allows me to do certain things when that happens. For example, triggering the recipe that maps to the musicplayer. That way the amplifier will be turned on, so that the audio output can be heard.
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    • Boris Pruessmann ok. You could also make a or use a recipe and execute that recipe using the API. Also found in my guide. 

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  • The API was looking for can be found under /v1/projects/home/devices/ btw. Thanks Markus Mahr

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