Remote crushed by grandkids

Hey, the grandkids crushed my remote.  I've been getting by using the iphone app only, which works well.  Nonetheless, thought I would take a moon shot and see if anyone has an extra remote that I could purchase.  I have the base and electrical plug, so I'm hoping to find just a remote for less than the price of the new remote kit.  Please send a PM if so.  Thanks,  Edley

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  • Just for my curiosity, can you share how they broke it? Picture might be interesting as well, haven't seen any physically broken remotes so far, so I'm interested in seeing how people manage to break it. Part of my curiosity might also come from the fact that I had to replace my phone twice since I first touched a NEEO and never managed to break a remote. And before somebody asks: no, I'm not carrying my remote with me whenever I go, so that comparison is kind of unfair 😉

  • I also would like to see how the broken unit looks like, my remote was once fallen out of hands and crashed down a stairway, but nothing happened, except the back cover came off.

  • I did not witness the crime, but from what I can piece together, there was a confluence of unfortunate events.  The kids were jumping back and forth from the couch and ottoman.  Somehow the remote was on the floor, facing up.  A bad jump caused a collision with an end table, which caused a lamp with a metal base to fall and strike the screen, fracturing it.  The back of the remote was detached from the impact but the metal frame wasn't bent in any obvious way.

    Sorry, no pictures, as I threw it away in disgust.  As I said, I'm using the iphone app, and it has more consistent connectivity than the remote had.   Still, if I can find a replacement for a decent price, I would like to have it.  I might be willing to trade two grandchildren for one ;)