Best smart devices that work with NEEO

I'm really curious what type of devices you use with NEEO. Offcourse some products need some time to integrate but what are the best ones so far? I'm looking to integrate more smart devices in my home but am not sure where to choose from.. the possibilities are endless and can't really see where to begin. I have all hue lighting and a nest cam and some smart wallplugs but thats quite it.. any inputs/musthaves?

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  • Generally, you can check on works with NEEO . We will soon show z-wave and IP controlled devices in there too.

    What exactly are you looking for? Lights, TV, Media-Players, Curtains, Thermostats?

  • The main thing is to check that any devices you purchase have discrete on/off commands, so you don’t need to rely on power toggles that are a pain !

  • If that question comes up, ask us, we'll let you know.

  • Hello I am new at planet neeo and just received my neeo today. How do you add nest cams? Or do only nest thermostats work? 

    • Christian H At the current Firmware the NEST Thermostat is deactivated, due to some minor issues. For the Cams i don't know if they are implemented.

      The Thermostat will come back with a future software Version!

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