RS-232 Support?

Is it possible to send (and receive) RS-232 pre-programmed messages? Do I need an IP to Serial bridge?

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  • The brain has no RS232 output, so you would need an IP to serial bridge.

  • Lucas

    In addition to what Bruce Hartley mentioned - you could use the Global Cache plugin to send serial commands to an IP2SL Global Cache/ITach/Simple Blaster.  I have one and tested with it - works fine...

  • Thanks guys, just to clarify:

    1. Am I right to assume I need to install a plugin in the NEEO to allow it to see/talk to the IP2SL bridge? Who provides/maintains the plugin (NEEO, Global Cache, other)?

    2. Can I create recipes to trigger RS232 (pre-determined) messages through the IP2SL?

    3. Is it Two-way? Can I create recipes to trigger when the NEEO receives RS232 (pre-determined) messages through the IP2SL?

    Thanks again.

    • Lucas 

      I wrote the plugin but have submitted it to the sdk-examples branch (so it's public if you want to change it).

      You can absolutely have a recipe trigger a message - however, I did not put in the reverse trip (ie receiving a message and doing something with it).  Wouldn't be difficult to do that however...

      • Lucas
      • Lucas
      • 5 yrs ago
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      Tim Roberts Thanks! I'm looking into updating some pretty complex systems, so at this point I'm just doing my homework before jumping in.

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