Multiple IR extender hacks

While waiting for the end of the queue reaches I wonder if the unit comes with 1 or 2 extenders, and how are they connected.


I suspect the extender is a simple IR Diode of some kind and it would be possible to hack up a second one if needed, hoping the driver will provide enough power. 


In my setup, unfortunately, the devices are in two separate locations (next to each other but to separate units. So if I place the brain on top to control the LG TV i need to extender to control IR devices in the two racks.

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  • The Brain Provides a simple 3.5mm Headphone Socket that is used to Plug in the Extender. The Original delivered is one IR-Extender, it is working when you split the Cable into two ones and connecting a second compatible one. Niels de Klerk has tryed it out and it was working for him. Over on this Topic here, Patrick mentioned the Specs!

  • Markus Mahr is correct. I'm using the iR blasters that I already had  mounted and integrated into my dressoir. the connectors that where on the extenders weren't compatible so I took a cable with a 3,5mm connector and connected both extenders to the one connector. A more elegant solution is to use a 3,5mm jack splitter and connect the extenders to it in case you have IR emitters with a 3,5mm jack plug. one is included with the combo package. 

    • Niels de Klerk I may have a couple HArmony ones laying around. worth a try :-)

    • Stefan Marx if they're the same as I have then yes :-). The one NEEO supplied is way better but I allready had the current ones installed and I wanted to know if it would work anyway 😂 

    • Niels de Klerk can you post a pick? I am trying to get the 2 harmony emitters to work but they don't. I suspect it to be either the 3.5mm plug i've bought or the polarity of the cables (or is that not of importance with IR?)

    • Gilles van den Hoven 


      I've unwrapped my high quality solution.... It's awfull, I Know.

      I have made a small schematic drawing below, Hope this helps. Be aware that the lights used in the extenders are gennerally LED's (Light emitting diode) and a diode allows current only to pass one way, if it doesnt work than you want to change both cables of the extender.


    • Niels de Klerk I like that the Drawing is even better, then the actual installation itself. ;-)

    • Markus Mahr wel it took me way more time to make the drawing then the time I took to connect these wires together. Lol. I only cared by the result I wanted.

    • Niels de Klerk Niels, if you use a jack splitter, like I was thinking -- is there any degradation in the signal?

      Hypothetically, if we have THREE neeo brand IR extenders, would they work perfectly fine if we have a 3 way headphone splitter?

    • ClearHeatVision I can only guess I’m afraid as I don’t have anything to actually measure any iR light output. I’m sure that the signal strength will be lower per emitter when another one is added. 2 works perfect for me, so with the brain I have 3 iR zones. I think it will work almost as well when you use 3 extenders

    • Niels de Klerk Makes sense! I'll have to try it when I am forced to add things outside of the cabinet.... good to know! Thanks.

    • ClearHeatVision Only limitation is, that the Brain sends out only 70mA on the Jack. Means, the diods must be together in the range of a max consumption of 70mA. That was mentioned by Patrick over here:

      So if u use a diode like this, you are able to use 3 as max! Don't know how many Power the IR-Puk from NEEO is consuming!

  • I have a radioshack IR extender/blaster set up. There is a 6 count blaster all attached to a single mini jack (Is it the 3mm size? slightly smaller than 1/8" connector). I'm curious if I could get an adaptor and plug the 6 count blaster, via an adapter, into brain unit and bypass the Radioshack hardware altogether. I'll have to try. Sounds like it could potentially work.

  • Jeremy Porter Sounds like a possibility, but I really can't say if that will work out cause I don't know the connectors/wiring of the radioshack hardware. I don't even know if there are 3mm to 3.4mm adapters, but it would probably be possible to make one on your own. Or just try to plug it in (no warranty from me 😉).

  • Are there recommendations for 3.5mm splitter that works with NEEO? I have tried 2 splitters and neither will send the signal.

    Directly plugging in the IR extenders into NEEO works. The splitters plugged into an audio jack work so they can send audio. But those splitters plugged into the NEEO do not send the IR signals.

    Its a combination of NEEO and splitter that doesn't seem to work. Advice on a splitter that works with NEEO is appreciated.

  • Patrick Raphael A list of compatible splitters would be helpful as the splitters I had with my Harmony don't work with Neeo. If I plug in each extender directly to the Brain each works but as soon as a splitter is put in between I get nothing. The other alternative would be to update the firmware on the brains so they could communicate with each other as wireless extenders. I have 3 brains and being able to use them as a wireless extenders would also solve my problem. It's actually the primary reason I pledged for 3 combos so I could lose the wires. 

  • I have not tested any personally, so I can't really advise on which ones to use. I have some at home I could test though.

    Tom H Do you happen to know if your splitter is a stereo splitter? I am wondering if that could be related. I will try to get hold of a mono splitter like this one, but I couldn't find a place so far which ships these to Switzerland.

    Edit: Ordered some , but it will take a while until they will arrive.


    Brian B Syncing in between NEEO Brains will come for sure. I can not give you a timeline yet though.

  • As I mentioned in another thread, I have a 2-story house with 3 A/V Zones. All of the equipment for the 3 zones is housed in a single tall Atlantic Technology cabinet. As you can imagine, there are bundles of cables running (neatly) throughout the house from this central location. Because the rack is mounted inside a dedicated closet, it is out of sight and preserves a clean decor.

    There are IR eyes running to various equipment, some of which are housed inside the rack and some of which are housed outside (such as the projector).

    This system was set up by professional installers several years ago, and they also set up and programmed two Universal Remote controls and three base units. Unfortunately, the Universal Remote system is not usually open to end-users, which means that I have to call the professionals every time I want to make a change to the remote control configuration.

    This is why I purchased the NEEO system (all 3 of them)... because I wanted to take back full control.

    But the NEEO uses an IR blaster in the base and a wired blaster. This was not sufficient to control all of the devices inside and outside the rack.

    So I purchased the following IR Repeater from Amazon for less than $30:

    It works beautifully...

    I plugged my existing IR eyes into this device -- without having to use any of the IR eyes included in the box -- and used the 5V USB power connection instead of the supplied wall wart. I have a Panamax power conditioner in the rack, which happens to include 5V USB connectors.

    The IR signal emitted by the NEEO is received by the included receiver module, and the signal is repeated to all the IR eyes plugged into the unit.

    Before buying the unit I was worried about signal delay. Will it take an extra second or two to repeat the signal? Happily, there is hardly any delay. The emitted signal is very quickly repeated to downstream IR eyes.

    So if you have existing IR eyes, this might be a unit to try...

    • Casey 

      I did the same thing, thisärker-Transceiver/dp/B078MK9SFP/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_img_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=10J3SD99ATM5M38FGY1N appears to be a rebranded version of the same ir repeater.

      I tried wiring the brain to the repeater and attaching the NEEO puck to one of the six outputs too but this repeater is intended to be used with small per device emitters, which do not require a big current. My puck needs to hit a projector at least 7m away on the ceiling and couldn’t do that when not receiving the greater power from the brain. I didn’t have a 3.5mm jack splitter lying around that fits the brain so I too am using the receiver that came with the repeater and found it introduces no noticeable delay.

      • Patrick Epps
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      • Patrick_Epps
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      Geert Van Der Linden Hi.  With the puck inserted into the unit above, does it work with any device do you know?  I would have thought it would work as the extender box has it's own dedicated power supply, (unless they are limiting current to the IR emitters?).  The Xantech DinkyLink was a good device for blasting signals etc.... no longer manufactured.

    • Patrick Epps for me it didn’t ... so I have the puck attached to the brain and I use the repeater with the miniblasters that came with it. I didn’t test whether the puck doesn’t work at all or only works with devices close by, but even if it does, for those you can use the miniblasters.

  • I have had an IR distribution system for aprox 20 years. I have a Xantech tabletop IR receiver by the TV and any IR is sent to the AV equip in an equipment closet. Most IR receivers will just pass the IR signal along to their emitters BUT if you have B&O and some other Euro equipment that follows the B&O IR standard (They xmit IR at a higher freq) you need to make sure your IR receiver and emitter will work with such equipment. The NEEO Brain and its IR extender works with both.

  • Perhaps it is interesting for some people using goolge home and/or amazon echo.

    I managed to have three ir extender connected to the harmony hub and in parallel to the brain. 

    For this solution I used this repeater:

    You can connect at the input block different sources. In my solution I used those cable to connect to harmony hub / neeo brain:

    As Output you can attach 3,5 blaster or user 3,5 mono to 2,5 mono / 3,5 stereo to 2,5 stero adapters to connect harmony blasters. 


    Open Issue is that all blasters are not able to control my Sony A1 TV. SO the next step is two create a more stronger blaster by myself.

  • Any news on working sollutions regarding the extra infrared blasters/emitter?

    Maybe make a list or so

    Niels de Klerk Patrick

    • Wessel Otter this thread is full with solutions, is there anything specific you are looking for?

    • Wessel Otter 

      As described above, I use, this comes with an IR receiver and 6 mini blasters. I found it does not provide enough power to the NEEO puck when I plug that into one of the outputs (but then I want it to hit a projector almost 8m away on the ceiling). So I keep the puck plugged into the brain and use the IR receiver to repeat signals from the brain (and my harmony). The mini blasters are intended to be stuck straight on a device. Works like a charm.

      The repeater has 3 inputs so you can also wire it to the brain, avoiding an extra intermediate IR step, but the connector on the brain offers very little space and I don’t have a splitter that fits. Same for the harmony, that uses 2.5 mm mini jack and I didn’t have a transition to 3.5 mm. Using the IR receiver however does not seem to introduce any delay and as I said, works like a charm.

    • Niels de Klerk 

      I would like to have an extra IR blaster, maybe split the signal with an Y cable and put another 3.5mm blaster with it.

      The issue is finding the right ones. Many manufacturers dont put the specs with it like the 10v 70mA required.

      If you use two do I also need to replace the NEEO IR blaster? Because of the 70mA limit? 

    • Geert Van Der Linden well I have a Marmitek ir control 8 I dont use but dont really want to have another powered device extra in my cabinet. If the IR signal from the NEEO is splittable that would be my preference.

    • Wessel Otter 

      the signal from the NEEO is splittable but you need a splitter with cables, such as this. Both splitters would share the power from the brain but if this is inside a cabinet I imagine it would work just fine.

    • Geert Van Der Linden yes just like this so I wouldnt have a seperate ir extender active. What type of IR emitter/blaster is confirmed to work?

    • Wessel Otter 

      As I didn't have such a splitter on hand I have not tested this setup myself but I imagine any blaster would work (I believe Niels de Klerk got creative with some harmony blasters). The power limit on the brain doesn't mean some blasters will not be compatible, it means the more blasters you attach the less power each one gets, but inside your cabinet you don't need much power

    • Geert Van Der Linden thanks for elaborating! Now things are getting clear. Thanks

  • HI guys, I wanna just split the signal and have 3 IR eyes running. One eye needs to reach a 7m away beamer and 8m away OFA 8300 IR to radio transmitter (for motorized screen and blinds), the other 2 inside my USM haller enclosure with 2 different compartments and need each an IR eye.

    Just wanna have a shopping list that works for this standard setup for an acceptable price below 50$ and not try this and this.

    I am acctually very pissed with neeo as I expect for this high end remote (they claim it themself) and price there must be a proper solution from them and not us. this is a abolute basic requirement for and remote equipment inside a hidden enclosure for the home cinema and beamer plus some light/motorized screen. 70ma for IR eye is a joke, thats enough for one IR eye for a big distance to beamer but thats it....

    I forced to have this ugly brain with cables visible from its back standing on top of my white USM enclosure and runing my 2 old IR-Eyes from the 35$ Oneforall set which worked seamslessly to be able to operate it. The IR need to to be lying on top of AVR facing downwards so it gets the signal 8 of 10 times to it to switch on/volume etc. Not enough power for even a 30cm reach left That is simply an absolute inapproriate spec for IR and needs to be 300mA minimum current output instead 70mA.

    The 35$ OFA was able to have all  hidden and working perfectly with ipad, just the hard buttons for volume were missing and it sometimes needed some seconds to connect. Thats why I got neeo plus the self learning feature. Both i didn't get. The driver team is fast and very supportiv but still I need to figure the exact name of the device , then send driver team a mail, wait till I get an answer, test, report back if not working, wait till they done it, test again...instead of just program, test if works and job done. instead of  5 min job that takes sometimes hours in reality...UNACCEPTABLE for me.

    the 15 times more exepensive cannot do this and the f... please wait" comment of the neeo remote plus lag thats getting worse and worse puts it inline with the 35$ OFA solution....

    yes I reported that and requested a exchange remote with the previous release not having all these issues. Device smartner is useless too, doesn't find my AVR so no need of the current release with all its problems.

  • thanks Geert.

    Yes I have multiple device per cabinet. At the moment two cabinets. But I will add a third cabinet soon as the additional 2 woofers need 2 amps more plus a DSP mini to control them. One cabinet has 3 devices, the other 4 to be controlled. the one with 4 could be handled by putting the brain there, so its of sight.

    Would that solution work with your repeater?

    • Christian Uhl 

      unless the cabinets are very far apart I should think so, sounds like you have 4 devices to control outside of the 4 ones the brain already takes care of. The repeater I use comes standard with miniblasters for 6 devices so you should be fine. Sticking one of these right on the IR receiver of a device also means guaranteed reception, I use then in the same cabinet as the brain as I found the brain was capable when the cabinet was closed but not when it was open.

    • Christian Uhl 

      Btw, are you happy with DSP mini? Which model are you using? The ones with integrated power?

      I plan to do some measurements soon and if those indicate I would benefit from room correction I was considering the OpenDRC-DI. I already have the excellent Wyred4Sound DAC-2 so this would only makes sense for me if I keep the DSP fully digital and put it before my DAC.

  • Thank you, just ordered it. Hope that fits....

    Still very unsatsified with the NEEO and escalated it now to Patrick.

    latest release sucks big time and they should care about their open promises functionallity list like fingerprint sensor, self programming.....instead of device smartner&Co. as till now i have a me too product like Logitec Harmony in pilot status from the software for a price I could get 2 Harmonies ready developed and functioning.

    • Christian Uhl 

      Personnally I’d prefer the bugs related to basic functionality are fixed before new or more advanced functionality is added ... basic customisation options would also be nice. And I don’t need it anymore but IR learning is still not added which cost me months to work around ... patience is the name of this game.

    • Wessel Otter 

      Do you want to connect this Samsung blaster to neeo and use it as a secondary puck? With the right splitter that should work, others have done it.

      I have a repeater that picks up the ir signal from the brain so don’t need to split the electrical signal but I believe you didn’t want yet another powered device in your cabinet.

    • Geert Van Der Linden yes! I did order two, a newer and older one. You know people with exactly the same samsung IR blasters? Thats hopefull. 

      First I will test it by itself, the splitter I ordered could take some time whilst its chinese ;) 

      I will report back here

      I also have a marmitek ir6 laying arround but indeed, the extra device just doesnt make it that much better. I wanted the NEEO so I could have one device to rule them all;) not to loop my IRsignal with 3rd party tech I wanted to replace...

      The pure thought is ruining the estethics!

    • Wessel Otter 

      Well, if brain + puck are not enough 3rd party tech is always going to be involved I am afraid.

      i don’t know people that have the same Samsung blaster, i only meant to say other people have split the ir out signal from the brain (as opposed to my solution which picks up the actual ir signal, and means another power plug in my cabinet ...)

      you should be fine though

    • Geert Van Der Linden you're right. Did you place the NEEO puck to an IRreceiver which split the signal to other devices?

    • Geert Van Der Linden what kind of splitter will be required? 

    • Wessel Otter 

      My IR-receiver is located next to the brain but you could get the IR signal from the puck too. You could easily do this with you Marmitek but it needs power, so a spare spot for another plug (or a powered USB port).

      Splitter needs to be as suggested a couple weeks ago because the IR out on the brain is squeezed in between the power and LAN connections. You can then connect both the puck and the Samsung blaster to the splitter, which means they will share power from the brain. That means less power for the puck but inside a cabinet you don't need much power anyway.

      In short, I think in your case both solutions will work.

  • Still waiting on the splitter but the samsung ir blaster works! i'll report back when i have the splitter

    • Wessel Otter 

      glad to hear, looks like you will manage with one powered device less :)

  • what ir ?

  • Recieved the 3.5mm splitter from ugreen and splitting the IR signal with one Samsung and one NEEO did NOT work. The Samsung functioned fine but the NEEO did not transmit. Hooking up another Samsung IR blaster with the other Samsung did work. 

    Maybe the NEEO original got too less power after splitting?


    So yeah Samsung IR blasters work but only if you use two 

  • I think Neeo should put a sticky on the FAQ page about emitters and compatible products. This is an absolute basic requirement of any install as far as I'm concerned (don't get me started on IP control) and none of my clients want to have the (albeit nice looking) brain stuck on a coffee table somewhere, or a puck with its (nice looking) cable trailing off a side unit in order for the system to function. I've managed to get the system to work with my TV (all my AVR and Apple TV, Blu Ray player etc) are in a cabinet out of the way, with an IR emitter connected to the TV in order to change inputs etc (had to try with 3 emitters before one worked). I directly connected the emitter to the brain, but also purchased a booster as suggested, like this for future use, which works with the emitter and also the puck (if I ever need this - hope not!). Currently the brain sits in the cabinet with the equipment and seems to work with the equipment in there, which is good, but it worries me a bit just relying on IR, especially as it's a hit or miss type of control with no feedback.

    Please @raphae Patrick  can you at least provide a list of tested boosters and also compatible emitters.  Thanks and please keep developing the IP side of this product as could be awesome.