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Can we get the ability to change the icon of recipes to a custom icon (even if just a limited set)

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  • Patrick I've created a few recipes such as Play Xbox, watch movies...I'd absolutely love if I could change the "recipe" icon to a different icon.  I'm sure this is in the works already.  I can't imagine it not being.

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  • "In the work" is correct, but I can not yet tell you when this will be ready right now.

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  • it would also be great if we could customize the icons on the shortcuts, like the phone, on my iOS device the icons are different but on the remote they are all the same.   

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      Michael Hebert yes! I hope they take it up and move away from a Apple like company.

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  • i would greatly appreciate being able to put an icon for my Netflix & Chill, Amazon Prime Video and Plex recipe...

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  • Has anyone managed to do this yet? The two threads seem a couple of months old but maybe I’m being a little premature

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  • when will this be implemented? No update since 1 Year??

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