github / NPM repositorys from every User developing with the SDK

Because NEEO offers a SDK for the Public development of Drivers to be Supported with itself. And not everybody whant to search the Web for a NEEO Supported Driver by themselves. I would like to start a listing of every SDK driver available.
Visit the following link to find a Overview of the current Available (and discovered Drivers). Please feel Free to enter new discovered ones or selfmade Drivers.

As new entries will follow i will edit this Post and add the new Devices. If possible make a short reply and Mention me about a new Device.
All Bugs and Errors should be discussed in an other Topic or (the better way) directly over at the GitHub Page.

You can find the SDK on GitHub over here: or go to the Examples over here: The SDK Documentation is available under the following link:

Also Helpfull Links to get started with the Drivers are the following Topics from Niels de Klerk :

Node.js Starter Guide:

API Examples:



To Run multiple Drivers it is required to Change the Port of each individual Driver used. This must be fixed from NEEO in the Main SDK Code. They are allready working on a better solution!

For a quick overview of the actual availability of developed Drivers here is a short list:


Lurton Electronics Cassata Wireless Devices
Enigma2 Receivers
Blustream HDBASET Matrix
Athom Homey
TP-Link Smart WiFi Plugs (HS100 & HS110)
LIFX Smart Bulbs
Onkyo AVRs
Sony Bravia TVs
Logitech Squeezebox
openHAB Binding and Transport
Denon AVR
Belkin WeMo Switch



To Keep this Topic clean and only add Drivers, please Open a Topic for the Discussion of one of the Drivers!

If you like to Setup such a driver and have no clue how to do it, maybe this guide help you:

If you have questions about the usage of drivers, just reply in the other Topic, please not within here!

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