App can not find brain

Hi. Greatly enjoyed the unboxing but have not got much further.

1. Plugged brain into router. Got steady white light.

2. iOS app finds brain.

3. Enter Wi-fi password.

4. Unplug brain and move it to the TV.

5. Plug it in. Got steady white light.

6. iOS app searches impotently for the brain.

7. I have tried this with two discrete Wi-fi networks: one using a BT broadband connection and a BT Homehub 4 and a Virgin cable connection using a Portal mesh router setup to use 2.4 MHz only with all fastlanes disabled and run in compatibility mode, result is the same either way.

There’s a little more info to be gleaned from using the portal router: when connected via Ethernet cable, the brain shows as an attached device. When the cable is removed, it doesn’t suggesting the brain is having trouble connecting to Wi-fi despite the white LED.


Any pointers gratefully appreciated.

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