Rotating / Misaligned OK Key on Remote

Hi All, 

Just wondered if anyone has noticed the OK key in the centre of the remote rotating slightly at all? 



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  • Adam Prettyjohns Yes a very little bit of rotation is there, but i don't saw it until you mentioned.

    • Markus Mahr thanks Markus. Just wondered if it was me or others had the same. Thank you 😎👌

      • Patrick@NEEO
      • Community Manager
      • Patrick
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Adam Prettyjohns Sorry for the late reply. That should not be. Coudl you get in touch with us on so that we can get a replacement going? Please include your address an if possible a link to this post.

    • Markus Mahr 

      same here, slight rotation but didn't notice until I read this. Not as bad as the OP and not a concern for me. 

  • My ok button behaves in the same way as mentioned above, it rotates about 4 degrees anti-clockwise and feels slightly "wobbly" 

  • For me it is not only the Ok button that feels whobby and moves around, but also the other buttons that can be moved in all direction( not in a circle). For me it was always some kind of design error until I received my second NEEO this week.

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