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I have a problem here, the Neeoapp does not find any of my devices. No AV Reciver, no Xbox and no AppleTV.

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  • Try to search for Yamaha 565 there is a AVR listed. See: 

    The search is currently a very restricted when it comes to a "not exactly" input. The Team is still working on that. For the Apple TV Search for "Apple TV" for your XBox search for "microsoft xbox"

    For general the search currently requires to be entered the following way:

    Manufacturer / Space / Model-Name / Space / Underfunction

    Underfunction = Can be AVR or Tuner (or others) but devine if the device can be used for more then one function and can have different control Screen functions assigned to it.

  • I came up with this idea and tried different searches. But he does not find a device with me, no matter what I'm looking for.

  • Hello, I have the same issue, no device found for all of my research.

    Panasonic --> No device

    Onkyo --> No device

    The connection with the Neeo Data Base seem to be no active.

    Can you Help Us,


  • Any solution as I have the same problem

    A search for Sony fail. 

    Cheers, Jez

  • Thanks you finds devices and told me braim and remote needed updates. 


    Cheers Jez

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