Bose SoundTouch 20 wifi

 Hello my hardware Bose SoundTouch 20 WiFi is not compatible yet it is in the list thanks for making it compatible


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  • How do you mean "not compatible"? A stupid device means that we don't have any discrete commands for the power on and power off, there is only a power toggle. But it should still work.

    For the Bose Sound Touch we will also be doing a full implementation over IP pretty sure, similar to Sonos. However, I can not yet say exactly when this will be released.

  • Please prioriteres controlling over IP! Or offer a couple of braines for (almost) free 馃榾

  • It do not regonize my soundtouch as a Music system. It sat that the recipie nedsat a tv or audio device.?

  • You will surely see a bunch of IP drivers coming up soon, but I can not yet tell you exactly when that will be ready for Bose. We do understand the need for IP base drivers.

    The issue with the wiring is known, its a fault in our hiring process and we will be changing that. You can just go through the wiring, after that you can then remove the TV steps from the recipe and change the steps "Use Volume..." and "Show Controls" so that these refer to to your Soundtouch.

  • Patrick it鈥檚 been 2 years since you tolds us the IP drivers were coming soon. Is there any news about it I want to control my Bose SoundTouch 20

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