Which Controller for Arduino/radio/sensors to integrate with NEEO?

Got the Neeo two days ago and setting everything up for Z-wave, IR, Sonos etc was simple. So now I want to put sensors all over the place, meaning a little bit more IoT and hacking.

https://www.mysensors.org/ is a simple way to start building your own cheap sensor network using Arduino, radio network, and sensors for whatever you want - temp, humidity, light, gas, sound etc. Then you have a controller and there are many:

  • Vera
  • OpenHAB
  • Domoticz
  • PiDome
  • Homeseer
  • FHEM
  • DomotiGa
  • Freedomotic
  • Indigo
  • Domotics
  • Jeedom
  • MajorDoMo
  • ago control
  • pimatic
  • MyController.org
  • Home Assistant
  • Node-RED
  • IOBroker
  • MyNodes.NET
  • Calaos
  • openLuup
  • Homey
  • Misterhouse
  • HoMIDoM
  • HomeGenie
  • XTension

Anyone using any of these and are/planning to integrate with NEEO? Any thoughts on which one to choose? 

I'm not really looking into using the Controllers for automating stuff (I want to use Recipes in NEEO for that) but rather want to present the sensor values from the Controller to NEEO.

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  • I have been dealing with ioBroker for almost a week now. Up to now I have only made Alexa more intelligent (suction robot Alexa capable. TV control etc.) but if I know more about it, the integration of NEEO would surely be interesting. But the next step is to start the coffee machine automatically, for example, when the alarm clock rings in the morning and movement is registered. x)

  • Mikael Jones Considerin Homey you can find a NEEO binding programmed by Niels de Klerk He fully supports the current possibilitys from both controllers and i allready saw a lot of cool stuff from him programmed through homey and NEEO.

    Also there is an implementation from Tim Roberts witch is using OpenHAB to talk and also sync more then one NEEO brain, what he is making is also really nice.

    Maybe you should search for antrys from both of them.

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