Activating Recipe when just having one Light Toggle

So I added my first Z-wave Fibaro Wall Plug today and it works perfectly (not the Gen 5 though - see this topic) but I'm wondering, is it still necessary to have the rather lengthy Actvating Recipe loading circle just to reach the Light toggle switch? Wouldn't it be possible to reach the Light toggle switch "right away" when pressing Lights? Sure, it just spends like a second of my life every time I press it but anyway 🙂

See video:

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  • Wow. This is good info. I just ordered my first z wave wall switch. Control via Neeo seams a bit clumsy. 

  • With one light that totally makes sense to have that toggling directly. I have about 30 lights at home, so I am kind of glad I have these in a separate recipe in the rooms, otherwise, I would have to endless-scroll on the home screen.

    We are thinking about implementing something like a favorites page which is globally accessible. There you could add your favorite lights/devices and recipes. What do you think about that approach?

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    • Patrick being new to zwave i may be off here. What i would like is a custom icon labled "fireplace" located on my living room page with the directv and roku recipes. This icon would switch the zwave switch on and off. No recipes, no circles, just on/off. Hope this helps. 

    • Patrick I’ve had some more thought on this. Adding a ”Shortcut screen” on the Home Screen where you can add your favorite recipes would be great. You simply swipe left and there you have your 5-10 most used recipes.

  • Sounds like a good idea! I’m still in the process of installing Z-wave devices around the house so I can’t yet tell how I’d like it but I’m pretty sure that would be a good idea because you don’t always want to run the same recipe, for example turning on the same 5 lights every time. Sometimes you simply want ro turn on a few of them and specific ones.

    Our house is a 150 sqm 1- level house so I would really like to have one single page with global favorites, for example 5-10 light toggle switches for the most common lights.

  • I have something similar with a curio cabinet light which is plugged into an IR controlled outlet. The outlet can be sent a toggle command. In this case I created a manual recipe, which sends a toggle command to the outlet.

    It looks like you are running a recipe that was auto created with device as it brings up the screen with the toggle switch on it that you touch. Haven't seen such a screen before.

    I think you can hide that recipe and create your own as I did where you place the toggle command in the new recipe. Have the recipe marked as to show on Home area screen. When I touch the "Curio" icon it does give the progress circle as it sends out the toggle command but then closes without any new screen appearing.

  • Thanks for your comment! I will check if this is possible this weekend and yes - I'm sure this was created by default since I haven't had much time to test.

  • I think tou should have a separate screen for lights under each room and the ability to add recepies to the «homescreen». I have 40+ device and need better z-wave handling from Neeo. Much better. 

  • Agreed, being able to add devices to seperate rooms is needed, but what is also needed is being able to toggle a light (recipe) from the home screen. In order to turn off a light in say my living room I need to go to the Living Room Screen, press light (loads recipe) then toggle said light. Too many button presses.

  • I would be happy with just a button "light" that opens a page with configured lights.

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