Making a Bose CineMate/SoundTouch surround set Smart

With CEC being a great addition to make the cinemate/soundtouch series smart you can actually make it "smart" in the meantime over IR. Any input choice from the remote powers the unit on. By recommendation of Niels de Klerk  I'm adding you Andy to this post. Perhaps you can take a look to add it to the drive. For now I have included the right input for each recipe as the first action to power on the AV unit. CEC control of the Bose can help you auto trigger other devices such as your TV, but thats another topic.

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  • Eryk Verhagen For a faster implementation, Andy also require the Time between Power On (from any inout pressed) until you are able to shut it off again. Then he will include this after arrival in Swiss again. (currently he is traveling from San Francisco to Swiss)

    Then one more "Stupid" devie si unstupifyed!

  • Eryk Verhagen , Could you please also check the time between starting the device and the time the soundtouch reacts on a power toggle to turn it off? Andy will need this time for the macro.

  • We are already doing that for some devices. For example the ST300. Which devices do you have at home? Then we can change these too.

  • Eryk Verhagen


    As there was not further activity, we'll close this post. Of course, if the issue still persists, don't hesitate to contact us again. Thanks!

  • Sorry for late add to this tread. I just added a new TV and, after much juggling, have it working, but I accidentally deleted the program I had for my Bose and remember it not being easy to add, but can't recall what I had to do. 

    It's a cinemate system which is why I'm commenting on this thread.

    Could someone please remind what I need to do to add it again. Thanks. 

  • Never mind. I just typed cinemate instead of Bose and found it. Sorry about that 

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