Setting up two brains with one remote

I bought 2 brains for two rooms and i'd like to control both of them with one remote. When I asked back then, I was told that should work.

But now it looks lile it hasn't implemented yet. Is this true or am I missing something?

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  • Unfortunately, you are not missing something, we have not yet published the feature to fully keep NEEO Brains in sync, which would then also allow you to control all devices from a single NEEO Remote.

    What kind of devices are you trying to control, is that mainly IR or more Sound and Light related?

  • Mainly IR devices, the other devices i own are not supported (yet).

    That's why i bought 2 brains. Any ETA when this feature will be released?

  • i currently have the back combo set too.

    could it be possible in the feature to use the same configuration on the both brain and remote ?

    for example now i have 1 room "bedroom" on a brain, and antoher "living room" on another.

    i would like to setup just 1 time the brain and the both brain sync the config ( to use one remote in the both place if i want, i just have to choose living room or bedroom...

  • Gauvain Dutheil That is pretty much where we want to go, basically, for the user, it should be like only having one NEEO Brain, but technically these can be multiple ones in different locations. This will then also allow controlling all NEEO Brains with all devices from a single or multiple NEEO Remotes.

    Sandro Huber I can not provide an ETA for this feature yet. While this seems like a simple feature since it can be described very quickly, this is technically not easy and requires a lot of changes. I will check with Raphael what the priority on this one is.

    • Patrick Any updates on this, yet?

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      • 2 yrs ago
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      Patrick  is there Any update On the neeo sync. I have 2 Brains  at the moment but cannot wait intil this will work

  • Any time frame on this yet?  Or the ability to control one brain from multiple remotes?

    • Matt B One brain and up to 10 Remotes allready works! This is tested by myself (but with not more then three remotes connected to one brain)!

      The Brains working together feature is on the to-do list, but not yet a fixed shedule for that, the team currently works hard to get a new software out!

  • Actualy with thé iPhone app, it’s possible to switch brain.

    it’s not possible to Add a feature to quickly and directly switch thé Brain use on a neeo ?

  • Hi,

    Is this feature anywhere closer to happen? Why cant we add a button on the remote to change brains just like the app has!


    • Nick Tzaferis  The software development will not continue!

      The current available software will be the last one that is available. As NEEO was buyed fron Control4 and they decide not to sell the remote to end users anymore.

      So no, no close by of this feature!

    • Markus M huh? The product got discontinued? Well, that I guess the bug ridden z-wave and other things won't get fixed either then :(

    • Markus M 

      So is this the support we receive after supporting these people!!! I have 3 of these remotes!!! Is Control 4 going to continue any sort of support or development?

    • Thomas Hebendanz Nick Tzaferis You can find more Information over here at the blog post:

      Also maybe Jeff can explain what is going on and what will not.

    • Nick Tzaferis yeah.. contacted control4. Confirmed that they do support for 24 months after purchase. So you cannot buy it anymore. Reckon the product is dead. I doubt they will do anything but send you how to hard reset things. Got 2 remotes myself. I feel a bit scammed

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