Option to turn off „wake remote on motion“

Our child likes to hold the remote in her hand while watching tv. This lead to a great battery drain due to wake on motion. Also, if placed on bed or couch it often wakes on movement. It would be grat to be able to turn off „wake on motion“ and if turned on to be able to change the sensivity.

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  • Agree some kind of unlock pattern or double tap. But there are still sensors in the bottom of the remote that should be able to sense there is somebody holding it. So that should help the sensitivity problem

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  • I was just cleaning my remote and pushed all kind of buttons. This function would also help with that

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  • When the NEEO is lying on the armrest of my seat, and a nice explosion in the movie happens, than the NEEO is awaking too.
    The Harmony did nothing - only if i picked her up...

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  • Jacob Wiqvist this is the topic I told you about

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  • This should be top priority!! Ive had so much trouble with this problem as well. I have DBOX seats and in my home cinema its pitch black. As soon as the movie starts depending on the movie, whenever there is any vibration to the seats, the remote continuously stays on. The huge bright light from the remote screen, is extremely annoying in the dark room. I usually leave the remote flat by my side face up on the sofa seat or arm rest. The vibrations still make it turn on all the time.

    Please can you remove this auto wake up feature and only make it wake up on a button/screen press or when the remote is in a humans hand!

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  • Fully agree. This is why my remote looses a lot battery power when watching a movie.

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  • my old philips remote only woke up when you switched position from horizontal to a more upright position - lets say 30-45°. this nearly never happens by accident, only when you want to control your touchsreen...would be a good feature. or even doubletap could be integrated very fast...

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  • I would absolutely love to have control of this feature! The remote turns on constantly from things as small as bumping the couch cushion that the remote is sitting on. Setting it on the coffee table is never an option unless i don't have music or a movie playing.

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