Recipe and Stupid device help HDMI channels dont match

The HDMI channel in a recipe is put in correctly to trigger the automation. With a stupid device you have to help by power toggle and then again do the right input. The shortcuts on the screen of the remote after the recipe is launched should display the right HDMI channel from the recipe. This is however not the case. See screenshots. 

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  • I would suggest adding a power toggle for your “stupid” tv in your launch recipe

    • The power is not an issue, the TV turns on with a channel up or down and later navigates to the appropriate HDMI channel. The issue is in the app, where it clearly shows that the HDMI channel should be HDMI X, but in the app and on the remote interface as you can see here, it defaults to HDMI 1. It does this for all recipes.  Have you come across this Andy or Niels de Klerk ?Any suggestions if I should change the recipe? See the second screenshot for its current config. 

    • Pascal Buijs Thanks for this! The TV actually turns on with the current config, where I added a channel up, rather than a power toggle. 

  • To me this seems to be a bug. HDMI 2 should be shown in the UI. Patrick what do you think?

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    • Niels de Klerk Thanks for confirming!  Patrick could you please give some feedback? Its a big bottleneck in comfortably using the NEEO

    • Eryk Verhagen because you can power on the TV with a Channel up/down, Andy can smarten the TV. And the whole UI won’t be shown. 

      • Andy
      • Andy
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Eryk Verhagen 

      Niels is right. We can add this as a workaround. But very soon a new firmware release will be released where you can get rid if this screen anyway and even a power toggle can somewhat serve as discrete power command. Either I can enter the workaround with the channel and let the screen disappear now, or you can wait for the release and get this working without a workaround. Let me know what you prefer. Thanks!

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