Too much events sent to the Remote prevents update


I wrote two drivers: one for IP Camera, another for SqueezeBox.
For the first one, I wanted to refresh the picture captured by the camera every seconds: works nice on the Neeo iOS App, but the image is not updated, and even worse, is not displayed at all. 
Increases the update to 10 seconds does the tricks, but the picture take 4-5 seconds to display again...

For the second one, I wanted to update the duration slider of songs: works nice on the Neeo iOS App, but not on the Remote, the slider is not updated at all...

I doubt this is a problem with the Sdk, rather with the Remote itself... 

Thank you,

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  • Cédric Legendre

    Image processing on the remote is very slow - rendering the 4-5 seconds (or longer) depending on the image size and type.  At one point, I wanted to figure out the exact size/type of image that would be optimal - but never found the time.  Maybe Michael Vogt could chime in on what would be the optimal image size and/or type

    As for the slider - that's a known issue for the remote that I wish they would fix (along with proper state setting and multiple slider bugs).  Please note there are also issues on the APP but not on the remote (like SDK buttons not working on the app but do on the remote).

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