MAC Address Remote

How do I determine the MAC address of the remote?

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  • As far as I know there is no API to get it. But there are other ways.

    you can check this on your DHCP server.

    if you know the IP address (shown in debugging mode) you can ping the IP address with your computer and then use the command arp -a this shows the Mac addresses known to your computer. So you must first ping it to make sure it will lookup the macaddress for you.

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    • Niels de Klerk 

      Thanks Niels

      I put the remote in debug mode, but the only IP address which has been displayed is that of the Brain.

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    • Paul Spee thought it would say something like Ip Address x.x.x.x obtained.

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    • Paul Spee then just login to your DHCP server. Most probably being your router.

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  • I got my Remote replaced and have no way figuring out the MAC address, which I need as my Wifi only allows known MAC addresses to connect to it. How to learn about the MAC address of the remote?

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    • Daniel Schneiter what about disabeling the MAC Filter, check the MAC adress and then enable MAC Filter again?
      or maybe someone else konws about how to check the MAC adress of the Remote..

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    • nuro Yes, I did so. But so far was not able to locate the MAC address on the  NEEO Remote

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    • Daniel Schneiter best way is to search in the router options where you can see all conected devices.

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    • nuro Eventually found out how to retrieve the list of connected devices to sn Apple timecapsule via undocumented keyboard & mouse-click shortcut. I hope a future version of the NEEO sw will display this info in the UI

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