PS4 + Sonos Beam/HDMI ARC + BRAVIA Sync = unstable

I was very happy with my NEEO since the day I received it, everything was working perfectly. A few weeks ago I added Sonos Beam, that's when I started having problem.


My problematical setup:

Sony KDL40R450A with 2 HDMI ports:

HDMI 1 (ARC) connected to:

  • Sonos Beam

HDMI 2 connected to:

  • ZettaGuard 4K x 2K 4 Port 4 x 1 HDMI Switch(ZW410) connected to:
    • NEEO Brain
    • PlayStation 4
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Apple TV


Since I added Sonos Beam to the setup, I started having following issues:

  • PS4 does not turn on, or turns on after a long delay.
  • Sluggish PS4 navigation, only respond to every 4 or 5 presses, with big delays.
  • TV does not turn on sometimes.
  • NEEO Remote does not indicate PS4 is on on the home screen, even if it's on.

Rebooting Brain fixes it. Basically I had to reboot my the Brain every time I want to use my TV.

After lots of frustration and investigation, I think I have found the culprits: HDMI ARC and BRAVIA Sync control.

It feels like HDMI ARC probably congests the flow of the HDMI flow, which causes sluggish control. And since I needed to connect the Beam to the TV with HDMI, I turned on BRAVIA Sync control. Seems like BRAVIA Sync control does not work too well with NEEO, sometimes it refuses to turn on the TV or PS4.

After I turned off BRAVIA Sync and connect Beam to the TV using optical, everything seems to be working well again.

I hope future updates will fix these issues, but at least for now things are working with this not so ideal setup.

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  • Kelvin Tse Thank you very much for your detailed report. I have forwarded this to our developers. That helps them a lot.  There are some major CEC improvements in one of the next firmware releases. 

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      • Kelvin Tse
      • Kelvin_Tse
      • 6 mths ago
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      Ingrid unfortunately the latest firmware 0.53.8 does not fix my issue. A bit disappointed, and sad because it doesn't seem like it will be fixed...

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